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Hoody Raffle


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I don't think we need to have two raffles going on at the same time, as it might dilute interest, so I propose that the usual raffle fund either goes into the total or can be used to provide a prize or prizes for the hoody raffle

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speculate to accumalate, think you will sell more at £1 than £5


Just my opinion





Yes I think a quid.

I have done a couple of flyer ads but I can change this with some tipexy type stuff. But £1 seems not a lot to chance on methinks



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I agree steve,


However, if the big prizes have their own seperate raffle, you may only get a few tickets sold, I think people are more willing to pay five pounds for 5 tickets than five pound for one ticket? the end result is the same its just they get higher odds. jedi mind trick.


I think take the highest value prize and have a raffle for each highest value prize,


one with the rac cover


one with the tyres


one with the smelly's



its easy then,





Edited to say there will be a 2nd and third prize,,, if we have enough bottles there could be a 4th, 5th and 6th prize

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All these are just suggestions, but as its Andi's raffle, I think he should have the final say,


what ever way, its money that the AAA didnt have before, and thats good,


see you all saturday guys and gals

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