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Barkston Heath Saturday 25th June

Guest John Walton

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My car has been going slower and slower all week. I think the ECU is playing up but I did manage to burrow into the finer detail depths and get the shift-light to work. At 7200 rpm unfortunately but it's a start. The engines breathing heavily as well. I'm sure it's lost some compression. I had trouble overtaking the neighbours boy on his bike and he's only three! There is a knocking noise from the top end, a vibration at 3000 from the mounts, a miss-fire at 4000 rpm which may have been fixed by the rolling road session on Wednesday. All the tyres are a bit close to the tread depth markers and I'm sure one of my tyres is flat-spotted and will cause uneven braking which reminds me the runout on the front discs is a few thou on the left. That's why the tyre is flat-spotted. The silencer blew all its stuffing out last week and it's going to fail the noise test. It might fail just on intake noise alone. I've lost all the notes I made on suspension settings. I don't think the rear axle is topped up and the diff is whining. Don't get me started on the gearbox!

So basically the car is fine as usual and if I don't get into the 54 style points region it will be down to the driver or the weather. Take no prisoners!



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Hi John,


One of our party has scratched I'm afraid. Felicity Spratt 411. I suppose it's too late for you to use the 'slot' for someone else - I haven't been able to fill it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.





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Guest John Walton

From the drivers book of excuses.




1, 23, 54, 6, 11 92, 34, 17, 21, ..... see previoua posts :yahoo:





O7769 717180.See you all tomorrow


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Got up early,

fitted the GAZ shocks....after a test drive it was blindingly obvious that the AVOS have been shot for ages!


Misfire down to me cocking up setting the revlimiter....now back to its proper 7800 figure..


But I have been in Spain & France lately, eating loadsa saladdy stuff..I do feel a bit queasy,

but that may just be excitement... :rolleyes:


Had my fill of camping over the past 3 weeks, so going to stay at Travelodge tonight.

See you tomorrow...

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Guest cloudy

Thanks to everyone involved - a great event as usual! We all really enjoyed it and the reverse track was an interesting twist :)


I did have a craving for fish and chips for some reason...



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Guest charliems7

Just to say thanks to J walton and all involved a great day out with no prob's!

till the trip home when a couple of pints of hot water escaped twice from my bonnet

vents and worked it's way along the scuttle and onto my right leg and arm and then my volts

drop'd to 11v but got home with out over heating, wet and tanned result.


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Guest David Walton

Thanks to everyone involved - a great event as usual! We all really enjoyed it and the reverse track was an interesting twist :)


I did have a craving for fish and chips for some reason...



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Guest David Walton

great day saturday slightly windy but still a good track day cant wait for the next one thanks to john and all involved


Hi guys,

Thanks for putting up with me on my return to motorsport.

The veg oil powered Superspec performed ok but with some teething problems.

Sorry for the track reversal, it was a hose blowing off the cooling system, thanks GBS for surplying none flanged pipes to do the job. Should have known better.

The turbo also blew off a pipe when running at 21 psi, twice the normal.

Sorry to those who were clouded in smoke, and beaten by a Deisel car.

Thanks to the marshalls especially to them for the trophy.


Back next year.



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Hi David, trophy was well deserved.....

but I doubt the start line marshall voted for you....

I was in the Q behind you, I just saw him push the start button then leg it to avoid the

cloud of dense black smoke you blew straight at him !!!


John, once again a great day out...many thanks...


But i nearly didn't make it...

I left the spark plug cover off the Redtop so I could check the plugs at Barkstone.

Starting up the engine outside the hotel on Saturday morning, it missed a bit, but I fugured it was a bit of damp & would dry out once the engine warmed up. It didn't. It got worse. i stopped at a layby to squirt WD40 on it & found that the 2" deep plug recesses were all completely full with water. How it ran at all is beyond me.

Farted my way to a garage, invested pounds in the air line, blew down each recess in turn & covered me, the car & the garage in scalding water. Finally made Barkstone by the skin of my teeth & managed to sort it all out with bog roll, my best T shirt & another can of WD.


Eventually made 6th place despite not learning the reverse circuit very well...

I'm now at the point where the car is much faster than I am.....maybe I'll hire in a ringer for next year!!!!


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Guest barksavon

just wanted to echo the views of others, barkston was my first track day and wont be my last, great day thanks to John and the marshalls for your efforts. I managed 35th place with 1:07:2, cant imagine what it must feel like to do it in 54 secs...hats off to those guys.

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Guest megablade

Just like to echo the views of others on behalf of the Bristol massive, and thanks JW for another great day.


Fantastic day, although was panicking during the night with the rain that was hammering on the roof of the tent! We were glad that there were no mishaps and everybody went home in one piece.


Roller Rowles even managed to keep it shinny side up, although clearly needs some cahoona enhancing cream for next year, he must of been trying really hard to make a car that fast go so slow!!!!


Thanks to Ace Fettler for letting me tease his megablade round to second place!


I guess I'll have to rejoin next year so as to claim the trophy I would have got.


Ah well much fun had and plenty of banter after the whiskey challenge was completed each night at Woodland waters.


All I need to suss out for next year is how to sabotage James to just first gear and why did I want battered sausage and chips all day!!!!


See you next year for a repeat performance,



Edited by megablade
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