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Dead Engine?

Guest Mr_Frosty

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Guest Mr_Frosty

So here it is. Nice day so I changed my oil for Valvolene 20w-50 on my 2.0 pinto engine. Take her for a drive to put some fuel in her after having very little in over winter.


On my way back home so engine is warm nice long straight so give it some loud pedal get to lets say a swift speed holds it for a little them something goes pop?


Oil pressure is down from being at 55ish psi to 20psi and water temp rises and LOTS of blue smoke.


Got it home not very far like 1 mile driving slow turned her off. Now when I turn it on it still runs on all four cylinders but now making a clattering noise. (I think it sounds to be coming from cyl4 area) Took cam cover off and everything looks fine there.


Any ideas? Please help.

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Could be lots of things but suspect a big end bearing.

Pressure is due to oil squeezing out of the bearings if any directly fed ones give up pressure will be lost

The direct fed bearings are mains, big ends, cam and auxiliary/oil pump drive.

Start with the easy stuff. Top end first.

Blue smoke is burning oil

But you also have lower oil pressure


Do a compression test, whilst a broken ring will introduce blue smoke it won't reduce oil pressure, however of a big end went you would not get oil spray to the piston which could do a ring or a little end bearing

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Guest mower man

Could be many things inc head gasket between 2 cyls [it make a horrendous racket ] ,how much mileage on eng reasonable or starship ? drop the sump and have a nosey ,pinto's are not usually much trouble crank wise HTH mowerman

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Guest Mr_Frosty

Hey cheers for the replies.

Borrowed a compression tester from work and came out with


Cyl...1 - 160psi


Cyl...2 - 145psh


Cyl...3 - 135psi


Cyl...4 - 0psi


So I know where to look. :) Disappointing though.

Any clues as to what it is would be nice.


It was only a push and hold on tester so not the most accurate.

Also spark plug 4 was covered in oil the rest looked fine and the knocking noise is coming from the rear of engine (cyl...4)


The engine only has 1500ish miles on it.


Well the engine will be coming out stripped and rebuilt as soon as I can find another 2lt to put in place just to get the car back on the road for summer.


Anybody have a spare/old engine kicking around. Preferred to be running and able to go on unleaded. (and cheap)


Thanks again

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Guest Mr_Frosty

Greavsey7 could you let me know what the engine is like and spec...... also if you have a price in mind? Thanks.


Yeah I know the engine is easy to take down. Main reason I've got that engine. I work on cars all day so not much of a challenge to be honest just a pain in the arse as I've just taxed it. So would like something just to stick in it to get it back on the road quick.

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