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Hooray!.........it's A Pass!

Guest Chris Russ

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Guest Chris Russ

I'm very pleased & much relieved to report my Exmo passed its' IVA test today!!....admittedly it was a re-test, but netherless, quite an achievment I think!


Hopefully I can help put some of the speculation to bed now?!


Exmo monocoque body construction is still compliant, with, from what I can see on mine, very little strenghtening ( concentrate your efforts on the rear panel seat belt mountings) - I made a mounting that goes across the rear to fit to the roll-bar mountings as well as the rear panel.


GBS makers plate ( VIN plate ) are compliant.


Chassis numbers need to be stamped on the right hand side ( o/s front of engine bay )


You can fit cycle-wings under the gull-wings ( gull-wings don't comply! ) - an exhaust clamp used round the bottom of the shock absorber gives you 2 decent 8mm mounting points for your struts, that allow the cycle-wings to turn with the wheels! ......Please be aware, that as well as the cycle-wing or mudguard having to cover 30' to the front of the tyre & 50' to the rear ( from a horizontal line through the wheel centre ) - the rear lower edge of the mudguard must be no more than 110mm from the horizontal line as well - so you'll probably end up with around 65' to the rear of the tyre!



I'd like to thank all Rhocar members for all their help & advice - with special thanks to the members of The Essex KitCar Club......Cheers Guys!


Next step is to seek information on avioding a Q plate at the local DVLA office??!!


Thanks again,




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Congratulations Chris, you can not beat that feeling of getting a car through IVA. Now get out there and enjoy the fruits of your labour, I promise you you'll still be grinning this time next year :db: :clapping: :clapping:

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