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Another Zetec Conversion Thread!

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  • 3 weeks later...

After a testing few days with the car last week I'm going to have another shot at things tomorrow.

New heavy duty mounts to hopefully stop the engine sagging, propper rubber fuel pump mounts for the low pressure pump, serial cable and USB to serial cable and the water temp sensor kit. I'm edging ever closer! Wish me luck!


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It's alive! Think I preferred it when it wasn't though, idle is like a sack of nails, really off putting infact, when you look down the trumpets you can see an orange spark/light. That's the point I killed it before any harm was done.

The throttle cable is a joke, located in a ridiculous position on the end of the itbs which leads to an all but impossible route down to the pedal.

My love for the car dwindles day by day.

On the brightside, omex tech are very very helpful!

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Mine a bag of nails I'd not dare drive, the map is set to my exact set up so I'm assuming minor issues elsewhere, I think I have a small vacuum leak in the inlet. I'm terrified of it going lean and then going pop. Happened to a mini turbo of mine many years back and cost me a fortune etc.

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Double check your TPS is wired correctly. Caused me all sorts of idle probs. Also check your tdc if you've fiddled/replaced with the belt.


Shame you're not more local as I could pop over and help trouble shoot after my recent experience/problems.


As far as I can tell the tps will only go one way, it allowed me to calibrate it with ease too. The loom was pre made so I have to assume that it's correct.

It's a crate lump, I haven't touched the belt.

It can only really be the ITB's that are causing the problems, it's defo a fuelling issue, I've got good and steady pressure, set slightly higher as per what Omex said when speaking to them today, that's the point that I got it to start and stay started but the idle is awful.

They could need balancing.


I wish I did have some omex experts close by, John has been an amazing help but he's an emerald guy!

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Also... The ITB set up i have is held to the inlet manifold with silicone pipe. I've spaced the Throttle body's just away from the inlet to avoid heat transfer, any advice on if this is wise or if it should be pushed right up to the inlet manifold?

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