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Strange Water Problem


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Pulled the spark plug leads off my zetec and spark plugs were completley submerged in water the car has not been out in the rain and the plugs are above the water jacket so dont know where its come from could it be a bucket load of condensation

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is it coolant or just water? if coolant temp sensor leaking?have you washed car and water got past the rubber plug seals?on early focus they had problems with washer jet leaking into plugs but yours in a kit car wont have that.

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Two core plugs in that space between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 but they are threaded and sealed. Common if you have a vented/louvred bonnet. The plug lead rubbers do not make a water tight seal to stop water entry from above. It does not boil away on a run. Mine would run at about 80% power like this and fuller as the rusty tide mark shows. Eventually fitted a cover plate so rain can't get in.




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I used to have the same problem on the zetec occasionally - never really worked out how. Def wasn't an engine water leak as no evidence and never used a drop of coolant. Had a louvred bonnet but didn't go out in the rain much. One of those unexplained mysteries. I never found it affected performance, but didn't get to the levels Nigel experienced.

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