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Sump Repair Help Needed

Nicola Roberts

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thats a bit of bad luck but after all your hard work did it have more power


Chris, strangely enough, it does have more poke.....but still not enough to keep me happy :)

Also before the incident with the sump being ripped open by a steel gate post footing (not even a speed bump) :( the brakes & gearbox felt a lot more lively.


But I will admit the drive all around the country lanes of Coleshill in the morning was very refreshing and the first time I felt happy with the reliability and speed of the car.

So getting the sump fixed and tracking down the oil leak around the distributor/fuel pump will be essential in the list of things to do on the nights after work this week.

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It might be worth fitting a thicker steel bottom to the pan - sumps will always get scraped, one way or another. My 3mm thick sump pan bottom has scrapes, but no dents!

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