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Iva Pass Guide From Dvsa

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DVSA help to pass IVA guide

There is a link on Locostbuilders and this one may not work.



The point is it's useful,is readable & has pictures for those that don't.

I found the pictures most helpful

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Could one of the MODS pin it in the IVA thread ?


Might be usefull for others later on !!



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you must have been a really naughty boy to have attracted

that much bad luck!


We'll see what we can do about it next Saturday.

At least the site tells you what was wrong with it.

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I've the same VIN plate as well which passed IVA.

Think the failure point may be because there isn't enough characters in the main line and also how the remaining details are presented.

I don't think it's the plate itself - maybe a description of the cause of failuer could be better worded.


But nice to finally have some have clear examples to complement the IVA manual

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In that case I'm going to stick with my Robin Hood plate, can't really understand the problem from the picture and comment.

Al's passed at Gillingham so I will take my chance.

Very good web page though, if only a bit more to worry about but clearer

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Given a bit more thought to the VIN Plate.

The DVSA web page has only just gone up so all the examiners will have been looking at it and as we know there is a great big picture of the GBS VIN plate with a cross to show that it doesn't comply.

Would feel silly if the examiner said didn't you notice that was a fail.

So to put another issue to bed I have made my own VIN Plate, the same as Richard's

As I understand it you only need the manufacturers name and the VIN number so all should be good !.

Before anyone says anything, yes I have put a piece of tape over the number just for the picture


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