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The Big Scotland Tour April 2016

Guest whiz

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Right guys it's happening.


Get the date in the diary looking at the weekend of the 16th April.

if we can start getting numbers. I will start looking at the final route and accommodation.


The 1st draft for the route is. The southerners getting up to Scotland for the Saturday so arriving up here Friday night. Saturday morning heading to Skye, stay on Skye for two nights to see the whole island and enjoy all the roads on the Sunday. Monday head back over to the mainland heading North through Applecross north towards Ullapool and to the top of Scotland to Durness (Smoo Caves). Stay over Monday night in Durness then head south on Tuesday towards Fort William then towards Dunfermline.

There is the option of staying an extra night near Fort William. Then head towards Dunfermline on the Wednesday.


Let me know your thoughts


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Guest Jonathan.Ritchie

Would love the car to be running by then...


I'm not brave enough to 100% put my name down for it but If I get everything running and get a bit of confidence in the build would it be ok to catch up with you guys once you'r back over in the mainland?


Should give me a bit of a deadline date for getting everything complete :)

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I'll need to join you on Skye on the Sunday night as I can't leave home on the 15th due to daughter's birthday.


She will have plenty more tell her not to be selfish lol

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Guest alfaGTA

Dinnae worry Richard, the roads are not going anywhere! To everyone else, I haven't had a chance to peruse the maps yet but I will put forward some more awesome roads to surprise!! Think I've found one near Glencoe though 😜 Ties in with a lunch stop too

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