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Clutch Release Arm\fork - Mt75

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Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas break so far. I've been doing a little work in the garage today and that included fitting the modified clutch arm pin from GBS and checking my MT75 and 2.0 Zetec bell housing all fits together (it does). One thing I hadn't noticed until now is that I need to get hold of a new clutch release arm as I don't have one.


I've been looking online for ages and I cant find one, but there are lots on ebay for the ford Transit.


Does anyone know if a transit one will fit, for example this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TRANSIT-Mk5-1994-2000-CLUTCH-RELEASE-LEVER-FORK-1023158-/371712707891?hash=item568bcdcd33:g:fTcAAOSwHoFXtENd


Failing that does anyone know where I can source one from?





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Type 9 has a fork on the pivot end and the type 75, has a ball coupling so unfortunately they are not interchangeable.


The I don't think the transit ones are suitable either, but that is from a conversation I had once with Richard at GBS, might have the wrong end of the stick.

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Doesn't look like mine (http://zerokitcarbuild.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/thors-hammer.html)...


I got mine (the gearbox) from Road and Race transmissions in Kent (no website) - maybe call them and see if they can just do the arm?


On a separate note, I'd really like to read your blog but you've got it setup with all entries on one page, which makes it almost impossible to read unless I do it all in one go.


If you get any time, it would be good if you could change it to a different layout (put a 'blog archive' gadget down the side, for example).

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Thanks, I will give them a shout. Re the blog I didn't realise that at all, I know exactly what you mean - it shall be fixed shortly :)


Now updated, the previous layout was awful and I hadn't even realised! Should be easier to read now, hope you enjoy.

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