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Sip Fireball 3000 - Eek :(


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Anyone got one of these things? I bought 2 to make light work of heating the garage in the cold months.


They've both ended up returned, and both under worrying conditions that I feel the need to share.


The first one started tripping out the consumer unit in the house after about 15 minutes of use.

The second would overheat the plug in a matter of a few minutes - the live pin would get so toasty the plug was starting to show signs of heat cracking/melting.



They're 3kW, so right on the limit of a domestic 13A plug, but in my opinion they are just too much for practical use. They kick out great heat, don't get me wrong, but I don't fancy the potential outcome, particularly if left unattended! There was a recall on them back in 2015 for a previous moulded plug design, but mine was supplied with the newer (more solid, "bakerlite-style") plug. I opened them up to check the fuse - all was fine inside. Good insertion into the pins. No obvious reason for alarm.


No, they weren't used on an extension, before anyone asks - straight into the wall socket ;)


Just a bit of "buyer beware" for you. I can accept a failure of a purchased item every now and then - that's par for the course - but to have 2? I downgraded to the 2kW unit and to be honest, it's pretty bloody impressive for it's size! Well recommended...

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back on track ---- in this old Sparkies opinion --- modern 13A plugs are not capable of carrying 13 amps continuously --- all high wattage equipment that we own has an old fashioned 13A with solid pins & good wrap-round connections. With present shop bought kit make sure the conductors are doubled over at termination & the fuse is held tight in its spring clips.


If you get a chance --- look at old round pin plugs --- 2A little pins --- 5A medium pins --- 15A gert big'uns -- they never got warm & they were carrying proper 240 volt not this continental 230 stuff.

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