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Rapid Fit Loom Or Premier Wiring Loom


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Thats a shame if true Zach, only thing wrong with yours was the bloke I talking it

I assume you mean installing? Coz you wouldn't be wrong lol.


I vaguely remember seeing something about it, it may have been on Facebook as I can't find their page now....

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Guest ThomasD

Hi, hope it is okay, but I would just let you know my experience with Rapidfitlooms. We ordered a loom for a Escort Rally car, was told it were ready within 5 weeks. He received the old wiring harness where he should use some of the connectors from, the 13th March 2017, the 17th july we finally received the new loom. We tried to contact him many times without luck during this period. He promised several times it would be sent next week.... For him next week means in a couple of month.

When we finally received the wiring harness, he hadn't returned the old harness as promised, the connectors he should use from the old harness wasn't fitted on the new loom, nor sent back to us. He should fit a FIA approved main switch which wasn't fitted neither. He promised to do a partial refund due to the long delivery time, this didn't happened either.


We finally got in contact with him again, where he promised to return the old harness so we could get the connectors, this was just one more thing he couldn't manage.


All in all, if you want to gamble with your time and money Rapidfitlooms.co.uk by Richard, is the right place.

Can't recommend at all.

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Guest mcramsay

Strangely that sounds the complete opposite of both my dealings with them, both looms were the 7 type looms altered to my spec and really good customer after sales...

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i would have to agree with ThomasD my experience with rapid fit looms was very similar weeks past delivery date he would not answer my emails luckily i had paid through paypal so had to take action that way to get a refund then went to premier looms and got great service

and i only live about two miles from where rapid fit trades from thought i might get it quicker how wrong was i

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Guest ThomasD

The loom seems to be of okay quality, but the customer support isn't there at all. He also deleted his facebook page after we and other customers gave bad response.

The only thing he delivered of what he promised was the loom. None of the changes we payed extra for were done. Now we are just missing the old loom with the connectors, so we can go and buy them somewhere else together with the FIA main switch.


It's a shame, if he had done a good job and delivered what he promised we would probably have ordered a few extra looms for other customers here in Denmark.

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  • 5 years later...

Came across this posting and noted that the original discussion is related to rapid fit .

It leaves the reader with the idea that premier wiring is duff as well. 

I have a good reputation and relationship with a lot of your RH owners. 

I'm pleased to offer ready-to-plug-in looms requiring very little experience in wiring. 

I can also supply a zetec engine loom that fits standard zetecs from £170 

premierwiringsales @ Gmail com  

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I can also do an Escort MK1 and MK2 wiring looms. 

See our new Instagram page and Facebook 

Thank you guys.

On a mission to provide the best looms possible for a safe and reliable build


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@Patrick- Premier-Wiring 

I don't see anything in this thread that gives the impression that Premier Looms are duff. Maybe you should have done some research before coming along and posting a blatant Trade advert on the forum as your first post.

If you actually bother to search the forum, you'll find Premier are well regarded and often recommended (including by myself on many occasions).

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The post has a title that includes premier wiring.

Perhaps you can read your comprehension is good, that's find for you. However there is a lot of folks who do not read more than the first few lines and make the wrong assumption based solely on the title and the discussion around this Richard fellows negative actions. 

It was highlighted to me by a customer who searched premier and escort looms when he lost the details given to him at a car show.

Yes I make escort looms as well. 

As for first post on the forum it's because the original account is lost. 

As for blatant advertising I don't really need to do. I have plenty of recommendations from customers who pass my number on. 

The issue is that google picks up the former owners face book and the odd posts like this one on this forum.

So I'm so sorry you are offended and upset however you must understand that I deal with a lot of people who don't read beyond the first five seconds of a headline. 

By leaving this information up it at least gives a full account for future google dig-ups that occur. 

So unless you can remove the premier name from the title, the web crawlers will index it and as its a popular site it will appear again. 


Meanwhile Several of your members have had their looms delivered recently bringing the cars back to full service. 

Back to wiring... 



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I'm neither upset nor offended. I'm not the one who rejoined so they could put a post in a thread that didn't actual have anything negative to say about their product.

There must be at least 50 other threads on here recommending Premier.

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