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Field Find In Surrey

chris n

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Its not just in fields and barns. The cars you see on driveways that never move, under tarps and on bricks. I have a friend who had a 2B in his back garden for years before selling it for next to nothing because it was rotting away. I think people have grand ideas about rebuilding them but lack money, ability, time or health. Time passes so quickly and before you know it...

my aunty has a field in Ludlow and puts her old cars on it to use as spares. Im sure somewhere on a Saab forum someone will be talking about the fact a perfectly usable Saab was left to rot in a field lol. Thats a bit different though it was a £300 MOT failure.

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My first car was a 1981 VW Polo - I bought it in 1991 for £700. After 3 years, I gave it to my brother to take to Uni and, 2 months later, he swapped it for his bar tab (2 pints) :-o


The guy who took it off him later donated it to some college in Swansea for their car mechanics course - it probably ended its life in better condition than when it came out the factory :-)

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