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Leaking Battery

Guest mcramsay

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Guest mcramsay

As part of my winter upgrades I swapped out the pc680 battery for a standard 063 battery from the local auto store, Ive done a few trips in the car since swapping to the new battery but today I noticed some fluid around the battery ( which happens to be next to the header tank) thinking it might be coolant I did the taste test with a small bit on my finger and found it to be battery acid!! Not nice


Anyway I pulled the battery out and found fluid has been escaping from a vent hole at the top of the battery


The first pic shows the leaking vent hole, second the amount of fluid I have lost, and 3rd shows some kind of rubber cap fitted in the same hole on the opposite side of the battery







Have I lost a rubber cap from the leaking side or something? The battery is fitted with the leaking vent hole looking towards the front of the car so 90 degrees from normal


Is there a sealed type battery I could fit in this ones place to avoid this happening again? Also what should I use to clean up the corrosive acid from the chassis?

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Guest mcramsay

I have had the battery for 4 years in various states pf charge and it eventually wouldnt hold a charge for long... also it never had much reserve power with the ignition on, so I wanted to go back to a big standard car battery


I believe its the orientation of the battery which is causing the issue so should I go for a sealed type maintenance free 063 battery?

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Guest mcramsay

I bought it over 6 months ago and has also been through a house move so I cant guarantee I have not lost bits from it or something has come dislodged in transport ! And also dont have a receipt, I got it cheap so Im not fussed on getting into an argument. Just looking for a battery I can stick in its place that wont mind being turned 90 degrees from normal!


Perhaps this Bosch one is a better choice?


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i don't think there's anything wrong with having the vent hole open - its there to let excessive pressure escape and is a standard fitment.

A better question is why is anything trying to escape? Have you checked the charging voltage? Too many volts causes gassing off. Could also be a dead cell but would be surprised on a new battery.


All that said, i do only remember vent holes on the side of my last battery - have you got a battery designed for fitment 90° around from its current position?

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