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Steering Wheel Replacement


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I know this has been asked countless times before and I apologize in advance :sorry:


I have a Super spec with what I assume is the stock steering wheel but want to change it for a quick release type as getting in and out requires some extreme yoga positions when the roof is on and being able to remove the wheel will make it easier ( and an anti theft device to boot).


I think its a sierra steering column but please correct me if im wrong, so the question is what bits other than the wheel do I need?


Do I need something like this




or is there more that is needed.


If anyone has one fitted then pics would be great

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Link doesn't work for me. I've got one fitted to my Sierra column, I'll see if I can get a photo. If it's the type I think you mean then it can introduce movement back and forth at the steering wheel rim. I've had to alter mine to lose the movement.

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As Al says, the column is Mondeo, a Mk 1 I think.

I considered a removable wheel, but the hub is a 2 part affair, with 1 part permanently fixed to the column with the removable part fixed to the wheel obviously.

This does make the wheel sit closer to you as the whole affair is deeper than the Mountney hub originally supplied.


Have you considered a flat bottom..............steering wheel as these can be supplied in a slightly smaller diameter which increases leg/belly room

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I thought about a removable one :bad: but I have seats that are on runners which assists me whilst exiting the car, I too thought it is a great "Anti Theft :diablo: Device" but seem to remember that a fellow club member had told me that I would need the lower part of the boss welded on to the steering column ! I feel sure there are other very clever people on here who will correct me and advise otherwise. I saw there where some at reasonable prices at Stoneleigh but sadly this year I will not be attending :lazy:


Good LUCK with your plans remember when you think it's all OK you will surely find something else that perhaps could be or look better it's an extension of YOU :crazy:

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The steering wheel i would keep as its about the right size especially if you put the focus cowling and stalks on like mine. in terms of a removable one i think you would be best changing the column as if you go for a weld on one it will still come out far.


That is what i was once told when i first put my roof on. However you do get used to the limbo that is getting in with the roof on.

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