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Blyton Park (Track Day) 8/7/18

Matt brown

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While we work on getting a track day organised by the club i thought we could get at least one pre-booked track day in.


I think i have found a good option for everyone.


TRACK: Blyton park (Eastern circuit)

DATE: 8/7/18 (SUNDAY)


PRICE: £139


For people that have been to Blyton before, this is not the standard track layout and looks to be more suited to 7 type cars with more turns.



The trackday can be booked through 'Javelin trackdays' through this link



The format for the day is as follows

Layout : Eastern Circuit (1.4 miles) Format : Open Pit Lane Noise : 95dba Drive By Overtaking : Right Hand Side on Straights Only

If you are interested in this event please let me know as if there is enough of us i may be able to get us a discount for the club, or you can just book yourself on with the link above and post on here so we know who is going.

Hope this is a good start for people towards new events for the club!!

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Never use one but what about having one of the fb killer things on eBay with you just in case. Matts zetec only had std hood exhaust on last time he went so should be ok


Besides from memory yours is quite quiet anyway.

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