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Bmw Z4


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Its a friend of a friend and he called round last night saw kit and wants to swap oh and its a 2 owner car his now and his mums before from new

I took it out and although really nice didnt feel as fun as kit

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Sold my kit in September 2016 and bought myself a 2.5 Z4 the following week and haven't regretted it once.


Ideally the one to go for is the 3.0 but all it gets you is 0-60 half a second quicker at 5.9, a few miles an hour more at the wrong side of 150mph which you probably wont see over here anyway and a six speed box rather than a five to get the fuel economy back.

The 2.5 you're looking at comes with 192bhp, does 0-60 in 6.4 seconds, tops out at 150mph and gives mid to high 20's mpg around town and high 30's cruising at the legal limit. Then there's things like doors, heater, air-con, radio, cruise control, decent seating- heated and memory if you get the right spec car, a spacious boot and an electric roof. Facelift models post 2006 come with a different engine with higher outputs which are about 220 for the 2.5 and 260 for the 3.0.


Things to look out for are the roof motor failing - it can get flooded in it's usual location but there are people who will revive the motor and relocate it to the boot for 80 quid. VANOS seals on the engine which alter the cam timing are made of the wrong material and lead to the engine feeling flat below 4000rpm, again these can be done relatively cheaply to restore full performance with gains of up to 30% depending on how badly worn the originals are. Cam cover gasket leaking due to blocked crank case ventilation if only used on short journeys - this will get done with the VANOS seals but add in a new CCV valve too. Search for the Zed Shed on facebook for repairs to the above.


Wheels and tyres are something to look at too, the run flat tyres make the car tramline like mad and ruin the who driving experience, if it still has run flats the best thing you can do is ditch them and fit normal tyres, I have fitted Goodyear Eagle F1's on mine which have transformed how it feels on our crap roads, they work well and suit my driving style.

Early Z4s came with 17" alloys which with 225/45 normal tyres give a good ride but a lot of owners seem intent on ruining the ride for looks by fitting 18s or 19s with rubber bands for tyres - not for me thanks.

Parts are cheap too as they are all 3 series based.


To be honest and I hope you don't take this the wrong way, for someone who has spent years throwing money at a kit that still doesn't work or run properly if someone is offering to swap you a mint Z4 for your kit I would bite their hand off without any hesitation.

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Guest James24785

Yeah lovely motors, and something I looked at before buying my Zero. I'd still like to own one at some point and may even get the Mrs one.

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As mentioned the drain channels get blocked and kill the hood motor. Fixed my brothers for him. Even got the original motor working despite being completely flooded for a few months. They are hard to get to so just keep the drain clean by finding the outlet by the back wheels and pushing a cleaning rod up. Pour water over the top and make sure it comes out the drain easily and its good to go. Make it a service item. Other than that whilst I quite like them they are like most bmws in my opinion a bit soulless but each to his own.

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I sold soon after steve sep 2016 after 13 years of driving kit all over Europe

and never thought i would sell.


I have a Z4 as well looked at boxster and merc


The Z4 is the nearest thing to a severn but with all mod cons the 2.5 is a great engine BMW legendary straight six.


Go for it you will love it



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