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Moog6 Update


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Hi all,


Been very busy with other stuff.


Have popped over and done bits and bobs.......


Rear lights and flashers being wired up tomorrow.


Continuing pre sand down of body work for re spray in about 2 weeks time.


Grill, with mesh to fit then its finished.


Passenger side wing roughly fitted, looks ok to me.


Have removed the bottom rear wing corner covers, didn't like them! looks better with the rear frame assembly showing. This will be painted black!


Drivers side wing to be fitted this week.


Will keep you all posted!



Dave 8)




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Well, Hello everyone, I have been working on Moog6 all day!

So here's the update.......


I have positioned both clamshell wings now and they are looking great!!! I have still to drill the holes near the top for the securing bolts. I have decided to use small Chrome bumper bolts only cost me £3.99 for 4, great spend and will do the job perfectly. :clapping:

The bodywork is nearly all sanded down ready for my friend Ian who's painting the car.

The wood bar the floors has been yacht varnished and looks grand.


Few areas still to bring up to scratch for my liking, (I'm very fussy, has to look right!!!) Boot top still to bring round ready for painting. Windscreen frame to prep and paint up. Re-fit front headlamp, wire up rear indicator and rear lights, (Fog and Reverse wired up when support frame for rear wheel is done. Still to get this Number plate stuck. Will have a go at that tomorrow.

Its been amazing making this change happen, been great too, to write down and photograph everything which is being added to the recorded history since day 1.


People keep coming up to me saying, is it for sale? No chance, need at least £15.000 before I would even think about it!


Dave. 8)



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Moog6 Update.........


Hi everyone,


Have now working rear lights and flashers.


Body work almost ready for body re spray next week. Working on interior next week.

Cd player speakers and tweeters will be fitted as will cd player holder. Wheels will have their new Jim Clark lotus badges on the caps. Steering bits and bobs being sprayed up.


Massive clean up in the engine area, want it all looking best it can!

Re spraying windscreen frame.

Cutting to size all bolts for clamshell wings.

Sorting seating area ready for fixing.


Have decided to finish off front bottom seat with nice metal fixed to floor up to edge of seat, will look fab.

Weather gear wise, have had it on the car for the first time. doors have to be fitted (Find Hinges? anyone know where i can obtain these?) i have to extend the roof material wise about 2 and a half inches. know of someone who can do this for me, so that will be me set up for rain.


Going to be very busy!!!!


Dave. 8)

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post-14302-0-27134100-1541362871_thumb.jpgpost-14302-0-27134100-1541362871_thumb.jpgWell we have been busy!


Preparing the car for it's re spray.


Today it was primed and tomorrow onwards will be sprayed up. Already its a transformation, and it will look amazing when painted Lotus BRG.


Should be ready to pick up Thursday.



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