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Moog6 Update


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Moog6 Update...


Been working hard today on the Wooden flooring on top of the steel flooring. To fin off sealing Monday and water proofing the surface with yacht, varnish.

Day off, rest, tomorrow!

Back on the car Monday.



Nose cone quickly fitted to see how it looks, very pleased! :clapping:


Dave. 8)





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Hi Everyone,


Been busy on Moog6.....


Have finally finished the rear seat board which is in place and rear seat fits like a glove. :clapping: Very pleased indeed, has been a lot of effort.


Also grill is looking good in its pre fit, just 2 more coats of paint and mesh to be wire tied at the back.


New Stick on reg, How does it look guys? I Have to sort the end edges prob glue then to the nose cone as they are having trouble sitting on the shape. I could cut them shorter but then the plate will be illegal as it wont be the right length.


Dave. 8)






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Number plate will be illegal anyway as it has to be vertical.

Of course this only matters if Mr Plod takes exception :)

My diddy little plate once failed an MOT . I have a standard size one that sticks on and falls off for that reason.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have decided to have the required number plate just under the nose cone.


You get fed up with all these silly rules. I want non bothersome driving!


Update tomorrow with pics!!!!


All going well.



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HI, Moog6 Update........


Well what a time! :crazy:


Set for holiday a week ago and Wife taken ill halfway there so had to turn round.

Wife settled, A week on the car was planned, not a hells chance! Rotten weather indeed. :aggressive:


So earliest I have had to start it again was on Saturday just gone. :clapping:


Floors and inner corners now sealed look great. Have been messing with measure to pre align cam shell wings, have one side done! The front wing support is now correctly positioned and marked and painted up, and now undo add Headlight again and bolt back on. Repeat this other side this week. To finish off grill, sand down whole bodywork ready for the major re spray. Fit new Cd player and speakers, new front number plate, varnish wood, cover rear seat board with waterproof black material which will look amazing. Tidy rear boot edges ready for painting and then finishing off with rubber trim edging.


Dave 8)



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