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Not Idiot Proof Enough


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So, you know how it's supposed to be near impossible to NOT locate the HT leads on the spark plugs? Well, let me tell you a story...


On cylinder 4 in particular, it seems you can push the rubber bit in and actually COMPLETELY miss the top of the spark plug but, and here's the funny bit, it looks like it's on fine. So when you go to start up and your engine runs like a dog and you get that sinking feeling of 'what the Hell have i broken now', when, in fact, you're just running on 3 cylinders.


Oh, how I laughed when i worked this out a mere 3 days later...



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Easy enough if the plugs are deep seated -- our 1.8 CVH is difficult to ensure correct fitting -- the rubber surround holds the plug lead like it's on properly -- 'tis usually several miles down the road when misfire occurs & with best clean clothes as well.

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The trouble with making anything idiot proof is idiots are constantly evolving and getting better at it.


I once designed a trim cover to go around a tailgate latch for an OEM and was reviewing it on a development car with the project Chief Engineer. he pointed to the cover and said "someone could catch a blanket in that". I wasn't convinced and so said "what kind of idiot would do that?"



His reply? "My wife did, when we had this car last weekend"

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