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History Of A751 Mwd ?


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Hi, just sticking this down here coz I don't really know where else to put it and I suspect not many people will care. Possibly not even me very much!


Those few of you who know me will be aware that I bought my stainless monocoque (3A probably) on a bit of a whim late last year.


It's a 97 (ish) kit, SVA'd in 2004 and, the important bit to this post is that it had a 2005 RHOCaR sticker on the 'screen.


So, is it reasonable to put a history category onto the site to give my type somewhere to go and ask questions about where the car has been?



Now, it's all about mine of course!



As said, 97 kit, SVA 2004 (how it achieved that I don't know, but I have a V5C present and correct so, fine!)


Since then it's had 9 previous owners but apparently only done 1202 miles up to 2011. Then returned to zero in 2015 (New dash) so now reads 550 miles all of which were added in the last year (known fact).


No more history. Reg is A751 MWD which I guess is old the sierra number but could just be an age related plate for all I know.


It was a RHOCar member in 2005 so I wonder if anyone ever came across it back in the day.


Maybe someone could shed a bit more light on it's back story?


I don't really need to know of course. I'm just a nerd who'd like to find out!


Car is being rebuilt to my specs now so it's history is a bit irrelevant but it does occur to.me that other people might want to find a way of tracking history.


Kit cars being so difficult to trace on the 'net after all?


Enough waffle for now, but if anyone knows of my car I'd love to know.


cheers, nerdy geek!




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Cheers Richard,


As I said, doesn't really matter that much.


But you can if you like. Thanks. There is nothing to to hide with mine, just wonder where it's been?


MOT history starts in south wales gradually moving north up to Anglesey .


Chap I bought it from was up in East Riding but confirmed that he'd driven it back from Wales.


It was more a point of is there a way of tracing the history of these things as time goes on?


Maybe see you on Wed but I've got a customer who wants his Etype back so may have to put some hours in!!!!



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It's not nerdy at all to be interested in a vehicle history. I have a tractor that has had 3 previous owners and still resides within a mile of where it was sold 62 years later, one that worked for rolls royce aero engines in Derby, one that worked for a company that developed in flight refuelling and probably towed the battle of Britain flights Lancaster and so on. Keep a written record of what you find out with your documents.

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