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Hi all 

just after a little advise on my battery cars been sat in garage for couple of yrs so just getting it ready for mot have gone over and started it every now and then to make sure it turns over 

jump started the car as the battery was dead  and started 1st time put battery on charge it’s only 3 yrs old 5 year warranty on the battery put it back on the car and showing 12v but not enough power to turn the car soon as you go to turn it over volt meter shows 0v is the battery knackered and will I need a new one silly question but don’t really fancy pay nearly 90 quid for a battery 

any advise 



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If yours has a five Year warranty then take it back and tell them it's knackered. They will be able to test it. They most likely won't refund all the money but should give you some back, maybe nearly enough to buy a new one from eurocar parts.

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