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Corby Glen Sheep Fair Sunday 6th October 2019

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We have our usual invitation to display our cars at the 781st Sheep Fair at Corby Glen (https://www.sheepfair.co.uk/) on Sunday 6th October.   The fair runs from 10:00-16:00.  I will probably park up about 09:30 (I have to drive only 1.5 miles 😀 ) but you can pitch up whenever you like and leave whenever you like.

For those who have not been before it is an old-style village fair with plenty of stalls, entertainment and in this case a sheep demonstration.  And a nice collection of cars & bikes.  A nice relaxed way to spend a Sunday.

If anyone who has not been before wishes to attend, let me know and I will let you know the details.  For those who have been before I will be at the usual place near the war memorial.

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Hi Alan,

Is this still going ahead?

Or has it been cancelled because of the weather, doesn't look too bad at the moment.



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I don’t think they cancel it if the weather is poor.  Sheep are used to rain 😀

I will make my decision on the day.  But don’t worry about not coming if it is pouring down, the organisers will understand.

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Even I have to admit this looks to be a non-starter.  If there is a magical clearance I will go down, otherwise I will go down in the tintop and explain.

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I should have trusted my weather record more.  

As you may have noticed the weather front that was supposed to hang around all day, marched quickly east and was clear of our area by 09:30.   So I drove down at 10:00 and the weather was fine up to about 15:00, although a bit chilly.

I took this photo at 10:30 and as you can see, we had a grand total of 5 cars 😀 rather than the normal 40 or so.


Although, to be fair, once other people realised the weather forecast was totally wrong we got about 6 more during the day.

Anyone recognise the car next to me ?


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