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Robin Hood Pinto Manifold

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It might be a long shot but I am after a manifold for my Robin Hood which has a 2.0l Pinto.  At the moment I have an original Sierra manifold but I would prefer one of the Robin Hood Engineering ones.  Has anyone got one that they don't want anymore?




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the wide body GT ZERO manifold fits i fitted one to my 2b 

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      I have a smyths rev counter, can anyone advise how to wire it up?
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      hi guys
      I have a problem with my 2ltr pinto efi. It runs, starts and drives as it should when cold, but as soon as it gets a little temperature in it it looses power and pops fire  down the exhaust. Ive swoped all the usual culprits ie plugs, leads , distributar cap, rotar arm, fuel filter, checked timing changed fuel (as it stood for many years) have i missed something silly. As i drive it out the garage its on full power, turn it around and almost have to push it back in. could it posibly a coil breaking doown. has anyone experienced the same problem, any advise welcome.
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      Check on preloved website
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      I am looking for some advice please. I have a Robin Hood that is based on a 1988 Ford Sierra.  It is running a 2.0l OHC Pinto with an ESC II module. I was thinking about replacing the standard ignition system with electronic ignition.  I was looking at Accuspark but I am a bit unclear as to what to go for.
      The current system seems to have a ballast coil that takes it feed from the ESC module. The Bosch distributor hasn't got a vacuum advance and takes it feeds from the coil and ESC module which has got a vacuum feed from the manifold.
      Is it better to replace the current ballast coil with a standard coil and give it a feed directly from the ignition rather than the ESC?
      By replacing the points with either a conversion kit or electronic distributor how will it get a feed for the advance if the signal is no longer coming from the ESC?
      I have contacted Accuspark and they just advised their distributors are stand alone and can use either a ballast or standard coil.

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