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Staffordshire Area Meet 06/08/2020

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Hi all,

This will be the local event for Staffordshire in August (about time too)

Spread Eagle Watling St, Gailey, Stafford ST19 5PN



It`s a huge pub / restaurant / car park / garden and so distancing should not be a problem. Starting at around 19.30pm (you can book a table for food earlier if you like).

Everybody is welcome, come and drive your cars, or come and look at the cars if your building or thinking of getting a kit.

Come and say hello to the fat bloke with bleached hair, god knows I need to talk to someone lately.


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Was a good meet last night. Good turnout of cars. I was in the white GBS parked by my mates black one on their own row. 

We didn’t mix too much we are still being cautious with social distancing. Hope no one thought is rude, same goes for not shaking anyone’s hands. Better safe than sorry and all that. 

So come on Andy, get some of those pictures you took uploaded 👍

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Yes I had a great time. Nice to meet the zero boys. We should have at least one more good weather season meet first Thursday of September.

Mr Barry you had little chance of keeping  away from me  😂





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