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Warks / Worcs / West Mids Monthly Meet August/September 2020


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I've been back to the Malt Shovel tonight to check out the state of play. They are now open for drinks but unfortunately the area they have set aside for drinking will only accommodate half a dozen people.

In addition, they are busy on Wednesday nights with people eating subsidised meals and often use the drinking area for eating.

With this in mind, I still don't think it's safe or practical to hold our regular meeting there just yet.

I have also done a quick tour of a few other local establishments to look for an alternative and haven't found anything suitable. I think most that are open are mainly serving food and they are also likely to be busy on a Wednesday. 

If anyone has suggestions for other possibilities, let me know but I won't organise anything unless I can make a visit myself and ensure it's going to be safe for those attending.

Hopefully I'll catch up with everyone soon.

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If anyone wants a drive out to Caffeine & Machine I'd be up for it. One week night, maybe nothing too official that we end up swamping the place with cars, just a few of us meeting up maybe (at socially-distanced tables outside of course)... play it by ear with the weather?

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Tickets are Fri-Sunday only, plus wednesday nights if there's one of their special-interest nights going on. Basically, in the week is fine to just turn up and pay on entry. I was thinking a Tuesday or a Thursday myself ;)

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