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Another Exmo 🥱


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I see what you mean about "steamer", very handy. Yes I am planning on fitting the windscreen, just need to sort out wipers, washers and heater.

Just been trying to treat the rust. Using a product called Corroseal that also acts as a primer. Might need a few coats though. 



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On 11/25/2020 at 10:59 AM, Sparepart said:

Thanks for the snap of the tie bar, also searching for "Steamer" in the forums gives loads of useful references to EXMO mods of all sorts. I also notice that your Exmo does not have a windscreen, do you plan to fit one ?

Yes, planning to fit the windscreen, although not decided as to whether or not to do this before or after IVA. I don't have wipers, wiper motor or heater, washer etc. so plenty to do before that can be done.  

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Bit of an update and list of jobs completed over the last month or so...

 - Treated all rust spots and coated with underseal. 

 - Replaced every nut and bolt with stainless and nylocks.

 - Re-routed all wiring using correct trunking & moved all earth points to central earth bar connection. 

 - Removed pedal box assy and changed servo & master cylinder to dual system with balance bar and no diaphragm. Made new brake pipes for front end          including new T-piece to split the sides. 

 - Painted front end suspension arms and installed new lights. 

 - Made new speedo sensor bracket as old one was inadequate. 


Please let me know if you can spot any potential compliance issues or advice on how to do things differently.

Next jobs are to bleed the brakes and start thinking about the new dash and re-installing seats. 

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Good point, hadn't really considered that. 🤦‍♂️

There's a fold in the monocoque just in front of this section, picture below shows it a bit better. Also the engine sump sits quite a bit lower than this so if anything is going to take a thump it's most likely going to be that. 

I'll have another look at this once I've dropped the rear back onto the wheels just to make sure though, thanks. 

Speedo sensor bracket (3).jpg

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One thing I've realised is that I can't find the nose cone mounting & infill brackets...are these available anywhere? I've had a quick look on the kit spares site but can't seem to see what I'm looking for. 

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