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sierra rear axle


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just a question as my friend decided to put my rear ie brand new calipers cables etc oh and back plates in the fire a couple of months ago,cut a long and painful story short i have access to quite a few fords been broken up for scrap and was wondering what other calipers etc would be able to be put onto the sierra back axle.any info would be much appreciated thanks.

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You might be lucky with Granada ones but chances are your going to have to take some measurements and suck it and see.  The thing is not many fords were rear wheel drive then. Apart from like escorts but completely different setup 

but if you need to buy some great British sports cars have around 200 oil Sierras knocking about 

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9 hours ago, agent_zed said:

I thought i'd read on here people using zetec calipers and discs on the rear? I assume you'd need a custom bracket. Don't know if anyone can shed more light on this

yes thats a good shout got a couple of them in the yard

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