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Hi I have

A pair of 15" Gaz shocks -£100

A 16" pair of Gaz shocks -£100

think I have some springs also for these but need to find them 

had these on my 2b but upgraded to ATR as I was offered a deal I could not turn down 

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What version of the gaz shocks are these? I'm assuming standard steel bodied but I have gaz golds on the front which are ally. Are they adjustable damper?

If you've got springs I might be interested in the 16's.





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Hi yes standard body.   
yes adjustable rebound.   
I will look and confirm if I have the springs on sat.  100% sure I do but want to confirm 

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Most Gaz shocks have a single adjustment knob that adjusts both the compression and rebound together. This type is perfectly good for road use. Double adjustable shocks are very expensive and usually only used for racing.

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Hiya, got a photo? and what diameter/ length springs do they take - I presume that the 15/16 inch is from measured from the centre of each mounting. I may be showing my ignorance, I'm no expert in shocks

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