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Matt brown

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Went to the show today and what a let down for me,as a newcomer to the kit car scene, was I expecting too much to be welcomed?I tried to speak to some and was basically ignored,wasn't asked if I wanted to join the drive out they just left without a second glance,won't be joining this club now and definitely won't go to another show,pity really as I had looked forward to going and making new friends 😢😞

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Hi Swifty.

That's quite depressing to hear and I'm sorry you felt that way. There was quite a few people I had never seen before and it's difficult to jump in on everyone. But on the whole, this club is known for its friendliness.


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Hi Swifty, 

Sorry your visit to our show was not what you expected. 

I was new to the club last year and knew nobody but 1 week before the show I wrote on the forum asking what was happening and made myself know and was welcomed with open arms. 

Over this year I have made every meet even though its a 7 hour round trip. I can say that I have made good friends and feels like family. 

I promise you this is a friendly club and please don't let your  experience put you off and do make yourself known on the forum and come to the meets next year. 

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Hi Swifty

sorry you were disappointed, I can assure you if you had made your self known to me and many others you would of been made welcome. Shame you felt you cold not come on the run out, where abouts are you located  so maybe some one can point you in the direction of your nearest area meet. 


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