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Radiator issue..


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Hi guys,

can you show and tell me how your fans look. I will try get a picture tomorrow to show you mine but suspect theyr're similar.

Obviously the radiator is at a bit of an angle with the fan on the opposite side of the cross section. It is very close at the bottom but nowhere near at the top. When I put my hand between the fan and radiator it's not very effective.

I get that I could build a shroud to channel air, change the rad/fan, better coolant etc just looking for opinions from the group.

The viscous fan is there, I'm thinking it will draw some hot air from the engine and it'll go out bonnet vents but is it worth keeping?

2.0 pinto, I'm not bothered about loosing power through the viscous fan etc as I don't drive fast and I don't worry about fuel economy.

Also, where is the switch to automatically bring on the fan? I know this can't be wired up. I thought it would be on the radiator. At the moment I have a switch on the consol, OK with me as I know to switch it on and keep an eye temperature when at lights etc but MOT is up and I fear it'll overheat without me being there...




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I used similar to this to mount the fan direct to the rad. https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/fan-mount-kit-with-assorted-feet

I also used https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/adjustable-fan-controller-thermostat to control the fan, fitted to the top hose. The bulb is in the top hose and feeds in through the joint between the top hose and the rad.

You can probably get these cheeper on amazon/ebay.

For the MOT just leave the switch on untill you can update.

I removed the viscous fan as it does very little and most are actually dead as they were not long lived in the original fitment.

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The fan controller kits as suggested by IanS are readily available on Ebay and most come with a wiring diagram which is pretty simple to install and wire up. Would like to see the pictures of the fan/radiator installation, may possibly be able to make further suggestions to help.

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You wanted images.

This is my setup, the fan is about 5mm off the rad core and pulls the air through.

There are no vents in the bonnet the air goes out through the floor past the engine or down the transmission tunnel.

I put the engine straight into the kit from the doner, it overheated all the time so I removed the thermostat which did nothing for the overheating.

So I used Holts speedflush and an amaising amount off crap came out and now I ran cold except when stuck in stopped traffic.

So I refitted the thermostat, removed the viscous fan (you can still see the screw thread on the water pump) and fitted the electric fan shown with a thermostatic switch and now run at normal temperature all the time.

The engine is a 2l pinto with the doner dgas32/38 carb so gives about 100hp.



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