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Good morning everyone, hope you all survived storm Arwen unscathed. This post doesn't directly relate to my kit car but it may relevant to those of you that have more expensive vehicles.  Being of an age where I am thinking about retirement I have treated myself to an ex-army Land Rover to use for fishing and general use when other vehicles are not available. It is not new, 1993 but it was completely rebuilt with new chassis, engine and gearbox amongst other bits in 2005 and apart from a quick bit of service at the 2013 G8 summit in Norther Ireland it has mostly been in storage since. Hence it has currently less than 10,000 K on the clock. Therefore it  is worth a fair chunk of money and worth protecting properly. My plan is to have a visible deterrent such as a pedal lock, probably some sort of battery isolation switches (it has four batteries) and a hidden tracker. I have sort of settled on a tracker but thought I would ask here to see if anyone can recommend one or tell me of any to avoid. I need one that is hard wired but with battery back up, that will tell me if the vehicle is being tampered with or moved when I am not there. The one I am looking at would be fitted, 24/7 monitored and have a lifetime monitoring service for around 600 quid. Most of the time the vehicle would be sitting in my garden behind gates with one or two cars blocking it in but I want to be sure that it is still there when we go on holiday. Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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Sorry, can't help with trackers, however if you are going to splash some cash, perhaps you could install a security camera that shows your garden, then you can see if the Landy is still there from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, but you have probably already considered this sort of thing. Also I couldnt help chuckling when I read your description, just a perverse sense of pernickity humour, I never heard of a Landrover that could catch fish and had done 10 million miles before.🙂

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Do trackers work, in terms of getting cars back? I'd imagine any pro worth his salt would know how to get round/disable it? Any non-pro is just going to be a joyrider who's going to trash it anyway and leave it somewhere.

Personally, I'd rather stop them taking it in the first place, so physical barriers which sounds like you have covered and then either wire in some hidden switch to the starter motor (that's what I have) and/or, if you're away for some time, disconnect some important bit of wiring under the bonnet. Even if they trailer it away, at least they may never find that 🙂

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On my M5 I have a tracker by ‘TRACKER’ and with one -phone call I can disable the engine was told if you say shut it down now they will shut it down weather it’s doing 10pm or 110mph. 
I also have one on my Zero that I can remote cut the engine from my App and it shows me where the car is. 

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