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Type Approval question


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Evening folks
 Just bought a Robin Hood kit car at auction on Saturday, and picked up the V5C today. Still to get the car home yet, this query's probably just the start.
 It was sold as not having a SVA/IVA certificate, but on the V5C, there's a number where it says Type Approval No AAXXXXXX

 First registered 2002, Make is down as Robin Hood, Model/Type is 2-Axle Rigid Body Sports. It states it's rebuilt - Made from parts. The number plate on it is from a 1989, which I'm assuming was the donor vehicle (1993 8v EFI engine).

 So the question is, does the Type Approval number make a difference to the requirement for the SVA/IVA? Is it possibly the SVA/IVA number?

Thanks in advance, any information appreciated. 

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Got any easier questions ??

I'm not an expert on this but I would have thought it must have passed SVA to have been registered as a Robin Hood in 2002.  I would also think that seeing as it is registered correctly, you probably don't need to worry about it.

Mine passed SVA in 2006 and has a 6 digit number on the V5 in the Type Approval - but I've no idea what that number relates to!

Anyway, welcome to the club, and hopefully someone on here will have the answers for you.


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SVA - IVA certificate is not returned after registration it is retained at DVLA.

Check MOT history on line  <https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history> if it has history as a robin hood then you are good.

Get insurance, book an MOT, apply for road tax, drive.

Registration number is probably age related to doner rather than actual doner reg.

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If it's never been registered chances are it's never been through SVA or IVA.  You're going to have to put it through an IVA test and then you can apply for registration.  Without any documentation you are going to find problems proving the age of parts which could mean you have to comply with current figures for things such as emissions.

I would recommend spending some time seeing if you can get any documentation on it before you go any further.

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Not having any documentation is probably easier - tell them its rough age, you'll get a Q plate, smoke test for emissions at MOT, nice and easy.

I sometimes wish I had kept the Q plate they first gave me for my car but, no, I had to insist on a new plate and now every MOT is a struggle to get through emissions.

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