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You will need invoices of the major parts, chassis, donor car, any new parts you have bought, you have to prove it is an amateur build.

They also like to see some pictures

You also need to complete https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1073587/apply-for-individual-vehicle-approval-cars.pdf

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5 hours ago, Neilo said:

Thanks Phaeton. I have loads of build photos and filled in the application form. The others I will put together. Cheers 

But most of all when you get to the testing station enjoy it, I've done 4 SVA's & 2 IVA's & enjoyed each experience, I do go with the attitude I'm going to fail, get a list of hopefully trivial things to fix & go back a few weeks later. The last one I did earlier in the month was even better as I came away with a first time pass, but apparently only 10% do.

There is quite a bit of grey area & subjectiveness to what each inspector thinks even though they all read the same hymnbook. I never argue with the inspector nor disagree with his decision on something, I will however ask him to explain why he thinks it's wrong, I then will explain why I did it the way I did, only on 1 occasion has I changed their mind 😄 

But as said it is to be enjoyed & don't get too stressed, after all it's cost you enough by that time it would be a shame to not enjoy it.

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