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Wheel-ly stuck - Replacement wheels for a superspec 2B

Ben Powers

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Hi all.  Hoping the hive mind can help me as I'm completely out of my depth here.

I've finally got round to getting back into autsolos and my next event is next weekend.  Get the car out to check whether my old mx5 'solo/skidding wheels will fit - they dont.

The wheels are as below;



I haven't bought new wheel before, so I'm not entirely sure what all the numbers mean, but it seems I have a rather exotic set on the car currently that are not easy to find second hand.

I can find 15" 6.5J's, but will these fit?

I can get 15mm wheel spacers to allow to more common 30-40mm ET, but is this sensible?

Is there a suitable, common/cheap alternative configuration that would work instead?


I'm not so fussed about performance on a solo, but I don't want to break anything, and the wheels do fit rather neatly under the wings currently.  A narrower setup would be perfectly acceptable, if commonly available.


Any and all help for a hapless gent very much appreciated.


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You have probably Googled around and found descriptions of what the markings mean, if not have a look at this example.


From the photo you have 15 x 6.5 J ET16 and you need to measure the PCD. This is the diameter of the circle that passes through the centres of mounting holes, which is easy to measure if there are four holes because the holes oppose one another so a ruler placed on the flat can be used to measure from the inside edge of one hole to the outside edge of the other. You should find the PCD to be 4/108. Also of course the size of the holes matters as does the size of the big hole in the centre of the wheel, you can find the standard dimensions for a Ford Sierra hub here https://studpattern.com/ford-sierra-1982-1993/  Of course manufacturers don't make wheels that wont fit on common makes of car, so theres no problem in finding wheels that conform to these dimesions. The other thing that I encountered when I purchased wheels was that to get the correct offset to clear body parts  I needed to fit spacers (on the front) and the standard studs were too short, so I needed to fit longer studs. The wheel nuts that most people use are "blind" so its not obvious how much of the thread is engaged when they are tightened. One last thing, take care to use nuts with the correct seat profile for the wheel, mostly either "tapered" or "ball" seats, you can see this by just looking at the shape on the wheel.

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Thanks, on the above advice I've snagged a cheap set of fiesta wheels with tyres that I think meet the spec if I stick some spacers in.  If they don't I expect I can sell them for much the same as I paid.


Will report back later in the week when I can get close to the car without cooking myself.

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