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There are 2 schools of thought on this:

1. Swirl pot and HP pump in the engine bay, LP pump in the boot area, near the tank. Some say this risks fuel vapourisation but I've never had a problem and this is how GBS build their cars.

2. Everything in the boot (swirl pot, LP and HP pump). Because of the size of the swirl pot, you will probably need it to be in the actual boot which takes up what little storage space you may have. Also not sure of the risks/downsides of having a HP fuel circuit running through the tunnel and if you'd need a stronger HP pump? But you'll never have issues with hot fuel.

I hope that is what you were asking about? If you meant which make etc to buy, not sure there's much choice, is there?


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Thanks I’m thinking about engine bay options to save the bit of storage for helmets just asking as I was hoping that some people could share there experience with me on what works best 

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Quite a few have done the Landover conversion in the boot. Only need a more powerful pump for the turbo engine s.

Have a look at Matt's if your at the end of season bash.

Btw if you go the engine bay option. don't have your swirl pot under the exhaust headers like mine has. Put it on the other side. It boils my fuel on hot days when the fuel level is low


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In tank swirl pot and pump, the range rover one is fine and can be made considerably shorter than standard without any issues. Mines in a GBS zero which has a small size tank and had a stupid angle at the bottom of the tank which the robin hood doesn't so I made a tank extension with locking collar. The pump can be easily be swapped out for a high performance unit if you want to go bigger power down the line.


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