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R1 Carb Setup

James Devereux

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Hi All, 

I have a set of reconditioned R1 Carbs that i will be fitting to my 2.0 Pinto. does anyone have any advice or tips on basic setup? I will send it off for professional tuning but would like to get it as close as i can first.


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turn the idle screws all the way in and then out 2.5 turns. Make sure you have a fuel regulator on it for about 2.5-3 bar. check the floats are all equal and that the diaphragm are in good condition and not shriveled up. Pull choke and turn key. One running adjust the idle screws equally until smooth. Take to a rolling road and get them setup properly (Worth every Penny)

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Posted (edited)

The carbs were reconditioned and setup to go back on a bike. What Jet size are people using. 

I have them fitted and they are running. the Fuel pump is from the same bike so the fuel pressure should be good

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Yup, bike carb pump should give you correct pressure.

The jet size is very individual and with no rhyme and reason most commonly 1.2 to 1.8 but only a rolling road can determine the absolute spot on size.

Like Keith said, worth every penny. Somewhere in the middle of those figures should make it run ok (if not hugely impressively)

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1 ½ turns on the air fuel screw (out increases fuel)

caveat if screw is at back of the carb underneath effectively behind the throttle butterfly which all the bike carbs I have are.

if screw is at front of carb then out is lean

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