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Soon to be new owner and newbie hello!


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Hi All!

So I may have done something a bit too spontaneous and bought (not to be collected for a couple of weeks) an unfinished robin hood 2B that appears to be complete, minus a brake master cylinder and a dash board by the looks of it. its never been on the road and to be honest it looks like its never been driven at all! it doesn't start but have to take it as it does work from the current owner but seems to have an electrical issue at present that ill bypass to check this when its with me. it has no paperwork at all so will end up on a Q plate I assume (could keep it for track but would like to road register it really)  I do intend to pretty much take it apart and put it back together again for my own piece of mind but I don't know how necessary that is.


would be great if any of you could point me in the right direction for advice ( or where to source a master cylinder!) how I go about identifying the engine and gearbox (was told its a 2.0 pinto with sierra running gear)  or any body's thoughts on the project good bad or indifferent I would appreciate it.


Many thanks in advance for all the questions I'm likely to ask!

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Welcome to the club and congratulations, you now have a job for life!  Stick your location up and you may find nearby members willing to help for a chocolate digestive or two.

Post some pictures of things you want identifying and there'll be someone on here who knows what it is - most of the bits on it are likely to be sierra parts which you can get from most motor factors or eBay.

There's loads of build info. on here, including a couple of 2B build blogs, if you have a search around.

Ask whatever you want - as the saying goes, there are no stupid questions.


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Thanks Steve. I did think that might be the case! I did take an MX5 apart and start a Haynes roadster build years ago but a move of house forced me to abandon the project, but I know how much time it can take! 😅 Updated the location,  would be enterally grateful to anyone that might come by and help. also I'm an engineer by trade (mainly Sheetmetal) so happy to compensate with tea, chocolate biscuits and any metal work that may be needed!

as soon as I have the car ill be sure to be posting pictures and asking questions, I do have a Haynes manual for a sierra so hopefully that will come in handy!


ill keep doing my research and praying to the 2b gods that i can start the car when i have it 🤞


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On 11/20/2023 at 3:35 PM, Spiker said:

appears to be complete, minus a brake master cylinder and a dash board

That old chestnut...if no MC, are there brake lines? Is there wiring for the dashboard? Took me months to do the dashboard and wiring for it (although I was pretty slow) 😃

Pics are needed - good luck!

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13 hours ago, nelmo said:

That old chestnut...

my sentiments entirely! I certainly hope that it is all that's missing! the line are there and the servo, the car is pretty much built otherwise, wiring looks all to be there but sadly I'm going in a bit blind so I expect to have a few headaches with it!. ill post pictures as soon as I have the car. 


only other thing I'm curious about is the whole pedal box seems really high are modifications meant to be made to this? 

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It's probably easier to make something to raise your feet than to lower the pedal box.  I have size 12 feet so I was OK with the pedal position in my 2B - I then had a carpeted board about 20mm thick that we dropped into the footwell when my daughter drove it.  I guess you could call it adjustable  ??????  🤪

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