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Some time ago when was involved as events sec a club track day was asked about. At the time the cost was massive , around the £8k mark. I now notice that Blyton park do a club track day. So i fired off a email to enquire and was surprised at the price. they basically limit the track to 6 cars and do about 7 lap sessions they have cut the cost by using cctv and less marshals. I enquired for 24 cars latter part of the year (sept), the price they came back with was £2950+vat so £3540 that works out at £147.50 per car if 24 cars. what are peoples thoughts?   

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I like Blyton Park - we've done a few track days there and we would definitely be interested in coming out to play.

To any members who don't know the track it is a good, fun track which is relatively safe.  There is plenty of run off around most of it so should you exceed your talent level you can slide off and look sheepish without hitting anything solid.   I know, I might have slid off on the odd occasion 🫣 🤫

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Hi Phil & Foz, I have mixed thoughts re a track day!!! I would have to drive there, take part and drive back hoping Rupert survived the time on track!?! I am looking at a 3 hour plus drive to get there, is there an inclement weather refund in place or is it non refundable. An insurance upgrade. All for 7 laps, unless I have misunderstood. I must admit it doesn't appeal BUT it would be so much fun!! Me thinks not for me at this time. I will watch the conversation as it develops. Darrell.

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Hi Darrell, thanks for your thoughts.  Phil's trying to get some idea of interest levels at the moment, so we can see if it's worth proceeding. There are lots of places that do track days so, if there was the interest, we could possibly look at different venues as well.

To try and answer some of your comments  (I would have to confirm the details with Phil but ...) I would expect that you would get to do multiple runs, each a run of 7 laps. 

Normally 7 laps flat out and you want a break (so does your car).  After each run, I find that by the time you have calmed down, checked your oil & water (possibly your underwear too), and got ready to go again it's already time to form up for the next run.

I appreciate what you say about the distance as it is about the same for me.  I used to trailer the 2B so didn't need to worry about it surviving so much, but I don't have a trailer for the Cobra so I'd either have to hire one (expensive) or drive it there and back and be a bit more careful.  The beauty of Blyton Park is that, as long as you don't go silly, you're unlikely to damage your car.

Rain doesn't normally stop play, but I'm not a big fan of a wet track and I tend to wait for it to dry out a bit.


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