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Help in identifying pinto 2.0 head


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Hello all, I have recently purchased a Tiger Cat E1 with a 2.0 Pinto engine, 205 block (November 1987) and the head is using carburettors. As the title says, I am trying to find identification marks near spark-plug 4 that would indicate if the head is an unleaded one. 
There is what looks like a vertical scratch on the block similar to the letter “I” but it does not look like factory marking.

The previous owner bought the car themselves as is and they were not aware if the engine has been modified in any way by the original owner. 

Any ideas?




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I suggest that you scrape the paint off the machined flat surfaces next to the no 4 spark plug, it will then be clear if there are any markings there. If you find an * stamped then look on the other side of the head near the inlet port for no 4, (look there anyway). I have picked up the following information from the various threads on this frequent topic. It might be of use. N.B any marks will be punched not "scratched" or cast in the mold.

Unleaded I/D for Pinto next to number 4 spark
1.6-- M,MM,N or NN
1.8-- S or SS
2.0-- P,PP,R or RR
Have a look at the shape of the inlet ports. If they are round its no help but if they are cam lobe shape then its an injection head and is unleaded.

'I' OR 'L' stamped next to number 4 spark plug hole= a leaded head most likely to be 1979 - 1982 in age


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Look up the MOT history on the gov.uk website.

This will give you milage going back several years.

I have forgotten when leaded was phased out but 20 years ago is the right ball park.

If the engine is still running after all this time then valve seat regression is not a problem.

My 2l pinto has an early head that ford says needs leaded petrol, I decided to see what happened and just ran it on unleaded 70,000 miles later it still runs.

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That mark that looks like an F is enigmatic, not quite a proper stamp, but unusual if its just by chance. The head on my Pinto is stamped with the letter P, but it took me a while to find it. Why?   ...well its stamped next to Number 4 inlet port and can only be seen properly when the manifold flange is removed AND it upside down with the engine in place. My assumption is that it was stamped when the head was not on the block during manufacture.


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Many unleaded heads have been modified and had hardened seats fitted to the exhaust ports.  If you're taking the manifolds off you may be able to look up the port and see if you can spot hardened seats.  A "borescope" would be very useful for this but a good torch, a dentist's mirror and possibly standing on your head might get you there.

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