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Staffordshire Area Meet 27/06/2024


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Hi all,

This might be on 27/06/2024 at The George and Dragon which may be in Meaford, Stone ST15 0PX. 

No one has to go if you dont want to, No one really turns up to Stafford events, one or 2 if your lucky.

Hopefully the pub wont close down, as this has happened once before. In fact one closed down for good, and another that we have used closes down next week.

I wouldnt say its too boring being alone at meets, its a perfect time for reflection, self realisation and creative thinking. I might even take my "how to build a kit car for £250" book and wonder where it all went wrong.

The weather is looking good, so ill be able to sit outside looking at the vast array of, well, tin tops. And perhaps have a conversation with myself whilst talking at my reflection on the newly polished rear end of my kit.

The chairman is the most turned up person. Think i`ll get us both T shirts with "The Staffordshire 2" on it.


Anyways, if you do turn up, and you see a sad looking couple of blokes looking like theyre part of a "cant be bothered Andys man club", that`ll be us. 

Come over and say hello.






Pub website




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I think this post says it all. Unfortunately I live 2 hours away otherwise I would be there. A number of people within this club are working hard to support the members and offer a chance to meet with other members within the area. 
if you you haven’t been to a club meet please go and meet members. 
When I first joined I met members who I have remained friends with and still go on weekends together and I would not change it for he world. 

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Thanks to everyone who turned up last night - I reckon that's got to be a record turnout since Covid.

I think Andy took some pictures so watch this space.

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Brilliant turnout and thanks to all who attended. Even one crazy guy from Warrington .(lol you know who you are)

Sadly I thought I had more photos but seemingly not. I think it was 10 or 11 cars. All absolute beauties in their own right. Fantastic collection, and completely friendly bunch.








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