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  1. I'm sorry but you are wrong just take a look at the above photos of the prop and gearbox the prop would not disengage with the gearbox. they use similar joints on BMW, Lotus, Range rover, Land rover and discovery etc etc they would only be dangerous if fitted incorrectly. in fact they are less likely to fly around than a UJ when it lets go!! I've had UJ's go bang but never one of these they do degrade but they don't go BANG. that is unless you are daft enough to alter the drive flanges or the way their fitted.
  2. Done I have a 1980 Dutton S1
  3. . They do give a warning before they let go completely I.E. loads of vibration and even then it's not dangerous What can happen is that on the sierra and similar cars is they pull apart when the centre prop bearing lets go. Unfortunately it's what the MT75 gearbox comes with I know there's alternatives but they all cost more money and because of the way the prop engages with the gearbox flange the prop cannot move out of alinement see photos cheers Ivan
  4. I have just found a source of these I had to get one for myself but there was a minimum order number so I have some spare, £20 including postage 2nd class royal mail UK only. pm me if your interested.
  5. I have a few of these if anyone's interested you can have them as they are for self assembly, or I can make them up with tails to your preferred length and wire colour's. Available colours are: white, red, grey, yellow, black, green, brown/black, green/red, black/yellow, green/black, blue/red. see first photo for your wire colour positioning. I'll be listing them on the bay @ £8.00 for as is or £12.00 with tails. including postage via royal mail 2nd class. as a club discount I'll do them for £6.00 as is or £10.00 with tails. the picture of the alternator is for reference only unfortunately I don't have any of those for sale. please PM me with your order and I'll send my bank details for a bank transfer or my address and you can post me a cheque cheers Ivan
  6. I'm after having as little poking out from the bodywork as possible less to get knocked off and more sleek looking. thanks for the reply though cheers Ivan
  7. Hi all has anyone any idea where to get flush fitting rear fog lights with adjustable lenses to accommodate the angle of the rear panel?? had a look around just cant seem to find any surely they must exist. SVA compliant of course. also are led bulbs SVA compliant when fitted in standard light fittings, has anyone passed an SVA with them fitted? thanks Ivan
  8. link for you https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9qrNZjmGh8M7oESfvvuf3bIBqoyvnsen
  9. there is a section in the build video's on YouTube can't remember where exactly but in there somewhere worked for me HTH https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9qrNZjmGh8M7oESfvvuf3bIBqoyvnsen
  10. it also keeps weight down and improves MPG figures, unless your VW and then you can do it with software!!
  11. might have to get my local to install some of those at the bar!! might pop in to Bristol pretend to be drunk and nick em for me car
  12. As above but on a range rover more likely to be torx head unless it's an early one make sure you use the biggest one that will fit, I've always put the bit in the screw and given it a good clout before trying to undo just ratles the rust lose. HTH
  13. Hmm reg doesn't show on the MOT checker tried several manufacturers name's including triumph
  14. Yes I've been looking at them bit expensive for a really good one could well be a possibility though. Not going to Sweden now so might get a casting done this week see how that works out I've got a mate who is a metal recycler so materials cheep
  15. I actually used a slightly modified 2.0lt dohc 8v one I'm in the process of trying to cast some aluminium one's wont be for a couple of weeks as I have to go to Sweden for 10 days or so, work always gets in the way of fun!! Watch this space!! they are also available on the Bay for around £80 + postage!!!! I'm hoping to lower that cost considerably, as soon as I have any news I'll be sticking them in the for sale section , might be a while yet though.
  16. finally got a reversed impellor and repeated the test have a look at the vid and I think you'll agree it does seem to work. https://youtu.be/0sv_jWpBCes the only other modification I did was to remove as much of the web inside of the rear casing as I could see photo.
  17. no that's what I have mines one of the last 2B's sold with the zetec engine.
  18. I bought these from Richards lost garage find! thinking they would fit my car that was before I found out there are different super spec kit's!! I paid £50 plus £8 postage would like to see some of it back so £58 ovvno including postage ,(normal posting restrictions apply i.e. highlands and island etc.) I'll be putting them on fleabay at the weekend. title should read covers at the end!!
  19. Dont know if this will help but theres a piece on the build video's about fitting the hood I put them up on youtube a while ago, cant seem to paste the link here??? but if you search YouTube for Ivan Sandford it's on video 15 good luck Ivan
  20. I've just returned from a 4 month stint in Toronto if I'd known I'd have popped round.
  21. no starter or alternator didn't come with them I'll have a look at the speedo tomorrow and let you know I'm pretty shore it's low mileage.
  22. I have a sierra 2.0lt dohc engine for sale £100 collected. will be on the bay soon I'll ad a photo soon. came out of this car.
  23. If it's not the cable then I would think it's the oil it's very common for people to just put ep90 oil in instead of mt75 oil, that is of course if it's an mt75 gearbox (should be). I would just change tho oil and see if that makes a difference. HTH ivan
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