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  1. success found some of my original build notes wired up as follows and works on both slow fast and self park MINI VG black black brown green green brown red green red green blue green blue green green orange green hope this info helps if anyone searches for a solution. reminder to self keep a record of wireing solutions
  2. tried that option but just blows a fuse any other suggestions welcome phil
  3. will give it another try thanks phil
  4. hi guys just trying to reconnect the mini wiper up after rebuild but as usual dont seem to be able to work out what goes where. (as usual forgot to take a note when disconnecting) on mini have black brown green blue green orange green red green and on the vicky grren loom black pale green red green blue green green brown any suggesteions phil
  5. will be there too owe nick a drink anyway. phil
  6. will be at Stafford but not until late Saturday afternoon. Camping overnight so save me a spot. see you all Saturday afternoon. phil
  7. just to let everyone know sorted out the problem it turned out that i had correctly wired the relay but the lead to the +ve at the other end had become detached from its supply. reconnected and hey presto sorted. phil
  8. I know i will get some stick but have been remounting my relays onto a nice new relay holder. this meant that i had to disconnect the wires. whilst i thought i labled up what whent where i must have labled the fuel pump relay incorectly as i dont get any power to the pump. Have checked the operation of the pump and its working ok so have eliminated that. Does anyone out there know what wire should connect to which pin? ps have the pinto 2.0l efi injection. helpful suggestions appreciated. Phil
  9. Sorry forgot it was the second tuesday. Car still in bits so would have been in tin top. phil
  10. will be there but in tin top hood off the road at moment. phil
  11. finally thinking of taking the plunge. Anyone have any suggested dimensions as to where to make that cut. bonet off the car but not decided where to get the angle grinder to it. thanks Phil nb 2b4 stainless with injection hump
  12. will see you at tibshelf 3.30 to 4.00 if cant make it for any reason will text / ring you. phil
  13. hope to be in attendance as well phil
  14. gomatthome


    Ditto Dampertec no info needed for my 2b+. again got u brackets from Mac 1 see their web site at www.mac1motorsports.co.uk I think they were £2.50 ish. Again they have supplied to a lot of guys so will know exactly what you are talking about. phil
  15. Dont know if all areas do it but Sheffield did the build up inspection before SVA. Nice man even came out to my house for the inspection for a cuppa and a chat. He even gave me direct dial tel number for me to ring to let him know when passsed SVA so he could arrange for all the paperwork to be ready by the time i had driven from SVA test centre to DVLA office. True to his word everything was waiting no need for a ticket to join a que etc. How about that for service. Just popped along to Halfords and had a number plate made up - on the road fully legal. Anyone out there comming up to SVA may be worth checking with your DVLA office to see if they will do a build up before SVA it certainly made life easy for me. The guy in Sheffield seemed to like the idea of a trip out of the office. Phil
  16. There is also a south yorks meet usually first wed of the month. Meet at the fox house on the hathersage road but for august we are looking at a different location to meet. If you are interested watch for a post near the time. nb we usually get around 5 / 6 hoods turning up. phil
  17. hope to make a showing but my youngests 18th birthday so not sure what we may be doing. phil
  18. I put small central heating lagging (the foam type with a split in it) around the bottom edge and then put some leathercloth over the whole thing this is an easy solution. After SVA changed over dash to something that looked more professional. The inspector told me at the time that any 'padding' on the bottom edge needed to be permanantly fixed ie glued but as it was covered this was not necessary. phil
  19. You will also find out that somewhere else it tells you that with the new chassis you dont have to cut so if you can fit i suggest you dont cut.
  20. Nick hope they are able to suggest something / sort you out. phil
  21. hope to see you should be a nice evening as well
  22. great show. A big thanks to nigel for getting my wipers running before i set off home as i certainly needed them. phil
  23. i recently became aware of the Halfords Trade Card. This gives up to 80% savings on parts / tools etc. The savings are well worth having. They seem to be available to motor mechanics and you need to be able to prove you have the qualifications. At leaast one person claims to have got a trade card thrrough membership of his car club (dont know which one). With up to 80% discount on offer has anyone at RHOCAR heard about this / got a trade card on the basis of membership? phil
  24. roadsure for me £174.98 fully comp but did not ring round as it seemed ok at the time. phil
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