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  1. That'll be great Terry, Andreas booked us Saturday night camping at Alfreton, so we'll be starting from there, apparently not to far from a pub, god she likes a drink! !
  2. As for where? We were open to suggestions, most of you will know the best routes , this wil be our first group run out, so not sure where's best to gol
  3. Hi all, anybody fancy a run out on Sunday seeing as the weather is good at the moment, thought of going to the peak district or matlock, we're going to camp somewhere on Saturday night then a drive on Sunday, so if anyone wants to join us you're more than welcome, only taking camping gear that fits in the kit, travelling light, could also do a drive out on Saturday evening too, Cheers Ivan+Andrea (Sorry,meant to say Anybody welcome, not just south Yorkshire lot)
  4. Hi all, just want to echo everyones comments, a cracking long weekend, great company great food and great drink, made new friends chatted with old friends, really good to see Terry and have chance to chat with him, hopefully he'll be at Donnington in the kit car, thanks to all that made it all possible, also a big thanks to those who helped Andrea and myself with the Friday night curry, Mo, Stephen, Nick (spongebob) and the nan bread chefs, I lost track of who did what in the chaos of the rain, also to everyone for eating and enjoying it THANK YOU Ivan+Andrea :) :)
  5. Hi all, as the title says, just spent the best part of 2 hours de-boning 50 chicken thighs for the Friday night curry, there seems to be quite a lot of chicken so make sure you're hungry, See you all Thursday night Ivan+Andrea
  6. Nick, who's Gavin? and what does he rule? Andrea says bring the mankini !!!!!
  7. Hi all, that makes about 36 for curry, could do with a rice chef, also possibly any extras like onion bhajis smaosas chapatis things like that, maybe there are some budding chefs out there who could knock some up at home and bring them along Thanks again Ivan
  8. Well done Terry, great to read your posting,take it easy. Looking forward to seeing you all at Hollowell Ivan & Andrea
  9. Hi all, can anyone tell me how to remove the speedometer drive pinion from the side of the gearbox, it's all still on the kit so access is very limited, I've fitted an electronic speedo and I need to fit a pulse generator but my pinion is a bit worn, speedo cable is out and circlip is removed, do I just prize out the piece holding the pinion in place or does it pull out or unscrew??????? havn't got a new pinion yet, wanted to match it up with the old one forgot to say that it's a type 9 gearbox thanks Ivan
  10. Hi all, The better half, that's Andrea to those who don't know(aka red lilly), wants to cook her famous CHICKEN CURRY again, it will be served on Friday night for those who wish to join us, just want an idea of numbers, so we know how many to cater for, if anyone would like to help or contribute, we'll need rice and nan breads and the facilities to cook them, we will have one oven, but won't be able to do it all, we're guessing around 30 to 40, OH! DESSERT!!!!! cheesecake is allways nice,,,,,,,, anyone!!!!! (Emma xxx) so let us know who's hungry!!!! Thanks again Ivan ok that's 7 so far
  11. Glad to hear that you're ok Mick, Got 4 alloys in the garage gathering dust ,(waiting to refurb them) if you want to borrow them, got rain tyres on them,tread not to bad Ivan
  12. Hi all, not much been said about this for a while, will have a chat with a few of the lads (at the next monthly meet next week) that used to go out on runs with Mark, to find out what they used to get up to, to keep it in the same spirit. Ivan
  13. I'd been thinking the same, A national run out, Kit cars from every area out on the road at the same time on the same day, going off in different directions doing different routes but all for the same cause, A fantastic tribute to Mark
  14. Hi all, Sorry just realised the 29th of June which I suggested is a no go for us, already booked up then, sorry Terry, We're free on the 14th&15th of June, or any weekend in July except Hollowell weekend of course, Unless you all want to go without us on the 29th Ivan
  15. cheers Dan, Emma mentioned you and Matlock, sounds good
  16. the more the merrier, just need to decide on a date to suit peoples diaries, how does the end of June sound? the last Sunday? the 29th Ivan
  17. cheers Marcus, your name was mentioned, but the mac ds visit wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but its a possibility
  18. Hi all, just wondering if anyone fancied a run out in the kits to remember Mark B, a Memorial Run, he told me tales of when he had his kit he would get a phone call from fellow owners (you know who you are) they would ask if he was busy and if not did he fancy a drive out, and he usually did, well I thought it might be a good idea to have a day out in his honour, I've been in touch with Emma, and she likes the idea, if there were enough of us we could take Emma and the boys as passengers, failing that she said that she would tag along in the Skoda sorry VRS, we could take some of the roads he used to drive, and of course the famous road where he lost his wheel (but hopefully not copy him), maybe stop at a pub on route for a drink and lunch possibly hopefully some of you out there will know some of the places he used to go to, it could become an annual day out what do you think? Ivan
  19. just our way of giving a little bit back to the club and bringing the members together for a hour or two, possibly curry for Hollowell, will let you know nearer the time Ivan
  20. Yes, great company, great refreshments, great laughs, All together a great weekend Looking forward to the next one Ivan ONION RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????
  21. Hi all, don't know if this has already been mentioned, I would just like to say a massive thank you to all those that contributed to Saturday nights meal, especially Andrea (my better half) for yet another fantastic meal,made from scratch on site and cooked on camping stoves,well done. THANK YOU ALL Ivan
  22. Might be able to meet you all there, just depends on how Andrea copes pulling the tin tent, if we don't see you there we'll see you at Stoneleigh IVAN-ANDREA
  23. hi Mark, I don't know a great deal about this topic, but I believe that Cobra kits use jags and fords as donor cars, might be worth asking a few questions on there forums, they would probably be able to tell you what will fit what, might be a help, of course keep us all informed on here, no drifting over to the dark side hth Ivan
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