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  1. Looking for a nose cone preferably from a s7 but anything considered
  2. Ye good day, bloody cars doing my head in time for some new pipes
  3. I offered to make him breakfast to keep him happy
  4. Was a fantastic weekend blistering heat though and as usual Andi was there to make us all laugh. Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend the weekend with. image img image img
  5. Might be £120 lol can't really remember
  6. Was £140 including lunch personal got up to about 90mph only helmet and long sleeve required but no one had any major incidents a few spin outs me being one of them
  7. Don't know what you mean lol. Glad you could come mate and hope you enjoyed it even without your car. Thanks for not crashing mine lol
  8. Not in the end due to the amount of traffic so couldn't get any good shots, we will have to sort another date for the aquaduct Andi
  9. Ye looks good just need to make sure there's places to stop
  10. Glad you like them hopefully we will be able to secure a location for another.
  11. Thanks guys was really good and glad you all enjoyed. Iv now got the photos back from Ben so hope you like them. There are two links one for edited photos and one for the unedited ones please download as many as you like. The photos will not be available on dropbox for long due to Ben needing more space for photos for his next job so please make sure you download them. I can get the photos directly from Ben if you lose or forget to download them but there will be a delay. Unedited: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1uwl80rlkevwaw6/AAB8D_OhR6uM_RgQ_3YCEAuSa?dl=0 Edited: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/99jxvnp8q6nb3o0/AADygx6891Tgxt8An4bE52x1a?dl=0
  12. Cheers Paul I'll see if he can extend his time just depends what he's got on today
  13. I'll try lol for anyone interested me and Ben (photographer) are getting there for about 9:10 now to have a breakfast people are more than welcome to join us
  14. Great, more the merrier If anyone would like my phone number just incase there going to be late please drop me a pm and I'll send it you
  15. Ok guys looks like we are going to be doing two locations both near to each other, so is going to be best to meet at a location and travel to each location. I suggest we meet at the "charnwood arms pub" just off j22 of the M1 Address is Beveridge Lane, Bardon Hill, Coalville LE67 1TB If you aim to be there by 9:45am we can be ready to leave at 10am. We will be there at 9:30 if you wanted to come any earlier. Thanks
  16. Ye run fast there's much better cars out there for that money
  17. Ok will keep it local then, he's already said he will be willing to do another at this price due to the show confliction.
  18. how to post pictures online for free False information it does not have a cossy rear diff and it's Sierra front end Also a 2.1ltr not a 2.0
  19. It had a new starter when it had the new engine fitted so unlikely he's fitted another new one maybe a solenoid as it was abit sticky. The air filter did have a small hole over cylinder 1 due to a occasional backfire through the carb. So maybe got another and it did need a MOT I probably sold it for more than it was worth to be honest. Due to the registration it is not worth 4k I watched a few on eBay which were correctly registered and they didn't even make 3k. Also due to age of the registration it was tax exempt which made you a tax evader due to it not being a 1965 car Do what I should have and regretted not doing and WALK AWAY DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!
  20. It's a robin hood s7 monocoque. Loads of paperwork with it but no IVA/sva and you probably wouldn't be able to get it through now. Running a 2.1 pinto on bike carbs, digital dash. Wrapped in carbon. Guy's I sold it to wanted it for a bit of fun and project as they lived near a track. Had a new rebuilt engine around 6 months before I got it. Surprised he didn't bin it on the first corner he took as he booted it soon as he got the corner. Got a phone call later that night saying the Speedo didn't seem to be accurate as he was doing 100mph and his mate was having to do 120mph to keep up also said you really have to boot it to get it sideways around corners.
  21. Ye that was mine sold it for £2850 due to incorrectly​ registered. It's the one in my profile pic. Not worth £4k lol
  22. So got a choice here we can ether do the shoot at the Coventry motorfest gives more people the opportunity to take part or at a location in Leicestershire what's everyone's thoughts?
  23. Haha great. So up to now we have got Andi Paul Keith Swan
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