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  1. Matt & Jas Cauliflower soup Roast turkey Sticky toffee Thanks
  2. If the weather's ok I'll go in the kit
  3. So where are you actually planning on going?
  4. Winter mods done!! Just been for a drive to make sure it's all working and it seems to be.
  5. Sorry for not replying sooner woke up Sunday and ended up in hospital. (Fun times) Multiple of the things above. * New diff (viscous LSD) * New diff ratio going to 3.38 * Disc break conversion * New drive shafts going from push in to bolt on * New handbrake cable to go with the new calipers
  6. Thought I'd start my mods so there ready for the run out later on this month capture
  7. Providing I've done the rear end and weather then I'll be there
  8. If your having to bend the number plate your going to have a hard time. Have you got a picture of where you want it as most people fit them at the bottom of the nose cone or buy a vinyl number plate if wanted on top of the nose cone
  9. Matt brown


    What engine do you have?
  10. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Fingers crossed it's all sorted then
  11. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Well done, did you flush the engine out with another oil change before taking it for a drive?
  12. I'll see if I can persuade the misses and weather dependent obviously.
  13. Feel for the crunchy clunk on the zetec. If the leads are relatively new you will feel a crunchy feeling and a slight click when they go on properly. On another note is the car all fixed now?
  14. I'm sure you will make the most of it ether way.
  15. Here's the photos and videos I said I'd post up for you. I'm expecting you guys to do some off road mods ready for next year. https://photos.app.goo.gl/xsjpVGazNJfJGVhE6
  16. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Mine did to and deans
  17. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Just get the ARP ones not cheap but will also give you the option to rev upto nearly 8000rpm
  18. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    That's what it looked like when I took the old bearings out, no work done to it. My bearings weren't smeared on it. If your going the quick risky root get the crap off the crank and see what it looks like. You can try polishing the crank if it's bad. Just make sure there's no deep scratches or high surfaces which will damage the new bearing
  19. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Just for reference this is what my crank looked like before new bearings.
  20. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Obviously check how bad the crank is first as you might just be wasting your time to start. Have you got a picture of your bearings?
  21. Matt brown

    Zetec Rattle

    Don't necessarily follow what I did but, clean the bearing off the crank to check the true extent of the damage as a small scratch is nothing major. I took a chance with mine and just fitted new big end bearings without checking main bearings as didn't want to take the engine out. Applied loads of engine assembly grease to the new bearing shells and bit the bullet and put it all back together. Fitted a new oil filter and oil ran for 30 mins until hot, let it sit for an hour then dropped the oil and new filter and oil again to try and flush the metal out the oil gallery's and it's been ok ever since
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