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  1. On the pinto they where NPT 1/4" for the block i think it was and 1/8" for the gauge capillary fitting. Mike
  2. With reference to your oil pressure, if it was me for peace of mind i would have fitted a capillary oil pressure gauge to see what the pressure realy was and watch it see if it fluctuated much and was not too low on idle just incase the pickup is not sealed properly, if in any doubt i would have also fitted a thin gasket to the pickup to be on the safe side. Try to beg or borrow one if you havnt already got a gauge. At the very least it will put your mind at ease. Mike
  3. Very surprised that it was not lashed down, unless it was and it broke loose under all that weight. Mike
  4. My CV so far Apprentice Armature Winder/Electrical fitter BEECo Loughborogh 15 to 21 Car Salesman Market Garage Loughborough Armature winder Chatham dockyard Prototype electronic wireman Elliot Automation Rochester built 001 & 002 flight data computers for the C5A Galaxy and many new fighters. Core store building for Plessey at Towcester for Saab Fighters Building NATO Satcom Tracking stations for Marconi Space Defence Systems in europe and north america A few years with Ericsson & LM Erricson in Libya for Col G. Licenced Radio Ham --. ----- ... .-- .-- -.- -. Slipped into retirement as a maintenance electricial for the largest Duck Producer retired by my company many moons ago with a dicky ticker so now just spending money before the grim reaper calls me Mike
  5. In the early days our type of cars where called specials and kept the name of the chassis/engine manufacturer on the log book for tax purposes, as in the early 1960s a friend had a what looked like a XK120, the body was, but the chassis and engine where from a 1935 Fiat 1500cc limo, it also had a swichable Rootes blower fitted with a single SU carb which made it a match for even a true XK120, in those days you had to look at the tax disc to know what the car realy was. Those where the days of wolves in sheeps cloathing as it was the tax disc that revealed all. Mike
  6. The mention of 1963 still brings back vivid memories of me at 17 having to go back to work in Loughborough where i was serving my apprenticeship, a very cold ride from Chatham on a Vespa and having to stop at every service station to use the hand driers to warm up so i could open my zip! as hands that cold i could hardly pull the clutch in or speak for that matter, i got moved on by the M1 motorway police for stopping under a bridge to try to warm my hands as gear changing and applying the brakes was getting difficult hands frozen again , On that trip i did manage to stay on board no slip sliding down the road as had happened on other occasions. Mike
  7. miikae

    Snowy Run Out

    Very well done, great pic too, if i was 40yrs younger i would have done just the same and i did too back in the late 60s in a mk1 sprite my first sports car, it was great on the snow as it always got me to work in time up those kentish hills. Mike
  8. miikae

    Below Zero

    Your not alone there, as i bought a block drain tap for such an event but as yet not got around to fitting it, i'm just hopeing i have enough antifreeze in the system too. Mike
  9. Are you certain it was nicked as i have had to put two long bungie cords diagonaly across mine to stop it blowing away, just flaps a wee bit now and it stays on thankfully. Mike
  10. I was lucky to get hold of 2 sets of new seat pads 5 piece from http://jkcomposites.com/upholstery.html from another kit builder for half the price, and suprising enough they are comfortable for me and finish off the seats well. http://tritonraceproducts.co.uk/lowsideseat.htm Mike
  11. Hi John(jwts) if you follow that link in my last post your membership number should be there together with all your other info. Its all magic Mike
  12. The above link did not work for me either so followed this http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=12632 and all was well paypal done etc. Mike
  13. Merlin motor sport do them as i got an email newsletter from them yesterday and it listed straight and bent fuel filler hoses, HTH Mike
  14. Triton seats are a good call, as i got a pair of them made for me this year in yellow just before Emma and Ed took over production, well recommended. They will do them in any colour you require. pics in my garage i think. Mike
  15. How about these series parallel switches as used on big motors. Mike
  16. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S
  17. Have you a battery isolator switch fitted by any chance and forgotten about it? Mike
  18. I carry a spare pump, also have the electrics/relay, switch already fitted for the fitting of the second pump , i just need to get my act together and do it. Mike
  19. A tax on fuel would save me a fortune and that would get my vote.
  20. miikae

    A Happy Man

    Congratulations Barry, pleased your life is back on the happy track now and full of smiles too i trust. I am also going to be a grandad in a couple of weeks , its starting to cost me already Mike
  21. Very swish, it must be a first, a good idea too as it is certainly dark in there without one. Mike
  22. My main mod for this winter is seeding the area around Duey with Rat & Mouse traps, to prevent them having yet another Christmas Dinner this year at my expence after having to replace the eaten Cobra R7s with a new pair of shinny Yellow FG seats. Mike
  23. 3/8 NPT,(American Standard Pipe Thread Taper ) 18 TPI, Tap drill 37/64, Nominal outside Pipe Dia 0.675" 3/8 BSPT , 19 TPI , Major Dia 0.656" Mike
  24. After doing a bit of web searching i came up with this thread inf from Turbosport for Pinto engines. Pinto Pinto spark plug thread: M18x1.5. Pinto oil pressure switch: 1/4 NPT (pipe thread). Pinto alloy sump to engine bolts: M6x18 Pinto alloy sump plug: M12x20. Pinto block drain: 3/8 NPT HTH and is correct for the block drain plug. Mike
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