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  1. Can you just send him a message directly, now I'm off the Committee (as of yesterday's AGM), I'm trying to take a bit of a step backwards.
  2. Hi Simon, good to have you back on board and hear you're getting better. I've literally just put your membership pack in it's envelope. It'll be one of the last few I do as I stepped down from the membership role at the AGM yesterday but I'm having you back and reading you post have made doing it a little bit special.
  3. This is always a good event, hopefully we'll be able to make it. Would also be good if some members east of Huntingdon could make the journey west.
  4. Just got back from a great weekend at Stoneleigh. OK the weather could have been better and yes it probably was a bit smaller than previous shows but the fact that it was on and I got the chance to meet members both old and new is something to be grateful for. Following yesterday's AGM, I'm no longer on the Committee, either as Club Secretary or Membership Secretary so this will be my last welcome post for new members. So welcome along to the following people who joined in April, remember to try and add your location to the Members Map. Also, if you see a new member local to you, why not send them a personal message and try and arrange a meet up sometime. Andy G Andy_gess Bedford Jon A jonayles Yelverton Filips H Filpool Aintree James G James Griffiths Upton on Severn James G James Griffiths Bridgenorth Nathan B Sonic82 Bognor Regis Ivan C Ivan Cannings Liss Nathan P Nathan Parker Chadderton
  5. A few of us are here already. At the camping area, look out for my Rich66 flag or Kerry's windsock. The outdoor stand has a gazebo on it but no cars at the moment. Inside, we have a stand with 2 cars on it in hall 2. We'll add some banners tomorrow.
  6. Put them in a single post, I think you can go back and edit it afterwards to show if stuff is sold. Please remember to put prices.
  7. Cut the old one and measure the length.
  8. Very interested in seeing more of this. Didn't know of any Spitfire based RH's just Dolomite. I see you have Dolly Sprint wheels.
  9. The red area on the map. It's only red on the map, in real life it'll be grass coloured.
  10. Passenger side footwell panel.
  11. Possibly, we'll know more on Saturday morning. We'll just need to adapt to the space allocated (or pinch a bit extra).
  12. We will be there early to set up. If we think need to 'adjust' the size of our allocated area, we will.
  13. Derek has found this more detailed site map. Stoneleigh Club plan 2022a.pdf
  14. My thoughts exactly and I thought this is something DVLA would want to avoid.
  15. Interesting. What registration year did the the car get when first registered after IVA, age related to the donor?
  16. Next Wednesday (27th) , 7PM onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. See you there.
  17. I think it's 59, but it's on the blue bit to the east side of 6th Street, opposite the big sheds that they sometimes have cars for sale and autotesting in.
  18. Try and get a 2WD Cosworth cable. It's longer and can be routed well away from the hot exhaust. You can find the part numbers here if you scroll down the page a bit: https://nw.rhocar.org/parts2.htm
  19. Try and get there Sunday, things wind up early on Monday as many people are packing away to drive back. It's quite a trek for you so you want to get a full day in.
  20. What car is it? Snapped clutch cable would be the first thing to look for. Second thing would be a broken quadrant or the bit that locks it at the pedal end (if you're using the Sierra pedal box).
  21. Very neat and looks like a Premier loom. You shouldn't have too many problem with that.
  22. That looks fine, keep the photos for IVA just in case they ask.
  23. richyb66

    Sad News.

    It's with great sadness that I'm writing to say the Bob Fry passed away last week. Bob was a stalwart of the club having been the long time Area Secretary for Hants and Dorset and also Club Treasurer for a number of years. He and his wife Sylvia had moved down to Cornwall a few years ago so had been less involved with the club but prior to this they were regular attendees of shows and great supporters of local events in their distinctive 2B Florin, no matter how far away they were. I'm sure everyone will be sending Sylvia, their family and friends best wishes at this difficult time. Bob giving a passenger ride in Florin (photo credit Facebook). I have just spoken to Sylvia who is bearing up well in the circumstances. As soon as funeral details are finalised, she will let us know if anyone wishes to attend.
  24. How old was the donor Capri? It might not have had a rear fog light.
  25. Why would you not want a heater? Sounds like a backward step to me.
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