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    Exhaust Wrap

    I did my 2B manifold last year and yes it does reduce the temp under bonnet i just wrapped mine all the way to 4in to 1 join. I secured mine with stainless ties each end. Only advise i,d give you is it is horrid stuff to work with and will irritate your skin i had to throw my overalls away as they itched like hell even after washing also wear a dust mask. Dan
  2. Ebay is where a lot of bit and bobs come from for my 2B Dan
  3. Hi, bestek have an ebay shop, i got a fast road dizzy with control box (ecu) and high output coil for £180. I,ve wired the fuel pump to a ignition switched live with a switch on the dash so i can switch it off if needs be and it will help confuse a potential thief. Dan
  4. yep my engine is injected head standard cam with 42mm fireblade carbs and bestek ignition its running 108bhp at the wheels approx 130 at the crank dyno run sat just gone Dan
  5. I,m going to leave the engine as is now it was a recon just not 2100 and after getting 130bhp with bike carbs on the dyno saturday the dyno guy said i was better off saving my money and going zetec or red top. So get this summer out of the way and find another more modern lump for the winter Dan
  6. My 2b is the same was injected now carbed as such the loom supports the ecu side of things with mine Ive now disconnected and removed all the efi stuff as i have put a bestek dizzy system on which only needs a positive coil feed to it. but if you still have the efi dizzy you will need to retain the ecu and module it also controlled my fuel pump which i had to rewire when i removed it all. How much was your loom as i need to rewire mine now due to other faults Dan
  7. My 2.0L pinto was doing just that 2 weeks ago, changed the head gasket and it is now spot on. Dan
  8. 1.3mm mains and blanked off air connectors standard idles 4deg retard on cam pulley, 12degree at idle 35degree fully advanced on dizzy (Bestek) standard cannot do this. and a pipercross air filter 2psi fuel pressure with filter king adjustable regulator and facet silvertop pump. when bulk of work was done on dyno it was there about 4hrs but that included welding a lamba ring to the exhaust so he could connect his gas analyzer properly £160 2nd run was an hr just £40 but the settings were spot on Dan
  9. Just finished my bike carb upgrade to my 2.0L pinto. started with just carbs but ended being carbs vernier pulley and bestek electronic ignition. Had the carbs set up on the dyno using the standard EFI dizzy and got 108bhp at the wheels, i went back to the dyno today after fitting the new bestek ignition system and got exactly the same power 108bhp but the torque and driverbilty improved no end i.e it will pull 5th @ 30mph no probs loads of bottom end. anyone thinking of bike carbs go for it its transformed my car. just get them set up by a pro Dan
  10. Looks like i,ve been had again by GBS i bought a "recon 2.1 pinto" from them a while back, just had the head off and the pistons are 91.296 so one would assume that its not 2100cc. Dan
  11. What is the diameter of pistons in a 2.1 pinto ? Dan
  12. Whats wrong with the bike carbs mine are great all be it set up on the rollers it was on there today and is fueling spot on. Dan
  13. Everyone who turned up seemed to adjusted something
  14. does sound like fuel starvation, or when my girlfriends Astra spark amp went up the wall it spent 6months randomly cutting out until one day it never started again only then could i find the problem Good luck Dan
  15. Forgot i,d left my car cam recording when i got there thought i,d post it to show turn out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0IaImeTenk Dan
  16. You never know whats round that corner glad i was in the hood and not on a bike !!!! in fact its why i sold my bikes ... Dan
  17. speedtripledan


    I thought i was doing well getting past 100 and getting my 4 wheels Dan
  18. Currently using a 500ml coke bottle for radiator overflow just to see whats happening, will buy a better one at some point. Dan
  19. I,m After a type 9 to repair my box only bit i need is the tail section where the prop goes in, so if anyone has a scrapper please let me know. beer vouchers waiting. Thanks Dan
  20. I,ve used these also just chopped them off old psus when rebuilding DVRS at work. Dan
  21. my roof was a bast*#d to fit, and to cap it all off the bonnet lifted on my 1st run in the rain on the motorway. never again i,d rather get wet than have a roof on. Dan
  22. what is the road number so i can find it ? Dan
  23. Hi, is anyone welcome if so i will take a run up from alfreton. Dan
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