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  1. Thanks gents. For some reason I had Citreon in my head.
  2. Morning all It's been so long since I put on the oil filter I have forgotten what car it's from. I think it was from a Citroen, is that correct. Ta Graham
  3. gncgray

    Zetec Megasquirt

    Evening all. Not been on for a while so its good to be back. I haven't been able to sort the car out as I have had an illness for the past few years but all ok now. The car is running megasquirt ecu with GBS plenum. I keep finding conflicting views so I would like your knowledge on this. Can I run it without a cat and lambda sensor. It has past it iva with both. The reason I ask this as I am in the process of rebuilding the car after a strip down. Regards Graham
  4. Cheers for the reply. To be honest the Megasquirt is a right pain getting set up properly and I wanted something a lot simpler, i.e trigger wheel and just a megajolt. Would you advise me to leave the set up I already have? Ta Graham
  5. Evening all Hope you all had a great Christmas. I've got a Zero running Megasquirt ecu and GBS plenum. Thinking of ditching all and the cat and putting on carbs and running a Megajolt ecu. Has anyone else done this conversion? Ta Graham
  6. Morning all I'm busy rebuilding my Zero and going to replace the "top hats" in the wishbones. Ive had a look on Kit Spares but they want £8.70 for a set of four. I need 10 sets...yeah £87! Does anyone know anywhere else that does the same sizes that would fit. I don't need the metal tubing just bushes. Ta Graham
  7. gncgray

    Q Plate Mot

    Ta for that......I thought it might be a mine field! I think I will have a chat with my local MOT station and see what he says. Graham
  8. gncgray

    Q Plate Mot

    Hi all Happy New Year I have had my Q plate Zero on the road for a year now. Do I need to get an MOT for it this year? Graham
  9. Thanks Nigel, I've mounted my swell pot and pumps in the boot right behind me so proberbly notice it more. Graham
  10. Evening I have got a Facet lift pump and it seems very noisy. I bought it from EBay some time ago, it looks genuine but as we know there are a lot of counterfeit goods out there. Would you expect a genuine Facet pump to be noisy? £10 cheaper then list price should of given it away!! Graham
  11. gncgray

    At Last...a Pass

    Thanks everyone Just waiting for my DVLA forms to come through the post then the battle begins..LOL
  12. gncgray

    How Much!

    Thats a good option Mower Man.....I have got a certificate of newness from GBS as "Robin Hood Zero Z" so not sure if that would work as a PLG Graham
  13. gncgray

    How Much!

    It's just passed its IVA on Tuesday with it new crate 1999 engine
  14. gncgray

    How Much!

    https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables If you look at "First year rates"
  15. gncgray

    How Much!

    Just had a look at road tax fees on DVLA site. For the 2.0 Zetec which falls into the 186-200 CO2/g.km rage is £465!!!!!!! Is this correct or am Ireading it wrong Graham
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